Bom the Bichon Henlo How can I be a good musician? Ohhh – instructions so helpful!
Thx – smartphone device! First, I must write great song! Which hooman is my inspiration? No – it’s not you, sister! It’s Beethoven – my hero! I can be Bomthoven!!! Time to compose my first pasterpiece! My legacy begins from now! Ugh…I can’t think anymore… Watchu doin butler sis?!? BOMTHOVEN NEEDS FOOD! Sis…this is rediculous… Thx Ohh – THE MUSIC IS COMING TO ME! Yes!! I can feed the MUSIC in my heart! More food!!! Quickly! Bomthoven gets inspiration from treats!! Sis: Ok… 12 SECONDS LATER NOOOOOO!!! I’m out of ideas! Grrrr Actually wait..the music is coming to me! Oh my gosh…I’m getting there! DONE!!!!!!! I am so exhausted now So I will listen to my fav music while I zzz Eine Kliene Nachtmusik, by “BEETHOVEN” Sis: Bom, this is Mozart’s music… I am so embarrassed… Ok – time to practice my guitar skills! Okay…I’m ready! WOOO – Did so much fun! Oye manita – Estás lista para ayudar con la flauta?? Allá vamos! Hey sis – you ready for flute collab? Let’s do it! Yo sis… that note was kind of flat… Getting worse…. I CAN’T TAKE ANYMORE… I’m so embarrsed from sis… I’m taking this show solo! You ready hooman? You ever heard a singing doggo?? You like my singing? Sing along with me! Ok – I’m ready for street performance! THREE DAYS LATER It’s D-Day! I’m so nervous… Will anyone come watch me?? Let’s get started! Omg..Thanks!! Wow – look!!! WOW!! Thanks for donations!! I’m such a happy dog:) You got a message from Bom the Bichon Hi guiz!! I just wanted to give a special thank you for helping me get 1k subs!! I really appreciate it! You guys made my day! Bom the Bichon

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