Muhammad Ali vs Michael Dokes Exhibition Before Evangelista Title April 27, 1977

I think Ali's in a trance now you better take it all right well Ballard did not come ready to fight he was overweight what sluggish didn't do much but this fella Doakes makes it before the analogy was a catholic hunter against the double-a type of hitter situation what is Doakes have to lose here he's got everything to gain people are gonna see him he puts on a good show people will start to talk about and here we go in the first of three rounds all right Ballard wasn't much of a contest let's see what Doakes can do now Michael dull she's only 19 years old heavy weight 199 hometown is Akron Ohio this is the first of three rounds of exhibition plumbing mix into the topic today's telecast you will not be seeing the US boxing championships instead an exhibition featuring Muhammad Ali the world heavyweight champion from Miami Beach Doakes was 144 and seven in his amateur career 60 knockouts national AAU champion in 1975 national Golden Gloves champion in 75 and 76 and as a pro he is five and all with three knockouts so Ali in an exhibition here the US boxing championships temporarily suspended so Ali putting on a show for the crowd at the Miami Beach Convention Center nope looking for opening alright let's see what those could do here anything while he is asking for it don't you trying to get it going but Ali even though he's not escaped admittedly throw it over weight and the initial stages of training for his title defense opens himself up as a human punching bag and still they can't do any damage cook Doakes is trying to update the champ most of a three-round exhibition bound from Miami Beach now they're using a 16-ounce gloves so that puts down the chance of somebody getting cut golly just digging a mine Doakes trying to take advantage been really landing nothing of consequence for 15 seconds to go in the first round doped great amateur career 19 years old coming up to the end of round 1 and we back live at Miami Beach we'll have an ally enjoying a light moment I'm awakened something as Michael's folks gets a late start out of his corner in our second three ride exhibition bout of the day Michael Doakes promising young professional five and over three knockouts and Ally really just out for a workout and he'll get one day it's like a sauna bath in here Michael as a amateurs golden moment was a lost to see a fellow stevenson three years ago in the pan-american games Stevenson being the gold medal winning heavyweight in the Olympics and today he's proved himself to be quite an actor too don't forget coming up except on the west coast coverage of the Turner champions from the LA Coste Country Club in Carlsbad California right now Jack Nicklaus is down in front in the third round he has a one-stroke lead oh he told me before the exhibition today al that he hurt his neck while working out and he really is afraid of taking a heavy blow but it might jam his neck so you know wow they're kidding up there he's also trying to protect himself exactly that's about the only thing he really has to worry about he signed for a title defense you want to go out get in a workout like he's doing today but not get hurt not to the point anywhere well you've got cold side of the face he's putting on a show the first two rounds were very lethargic in his exhibition with Ballard then Ellie started into his antics in the third round crowds been enjoying his bike so far separated by Godfrey now he's having a running dialogue with some fans at ringside it's just watch he put it to this young man no more no less than a minute to go for the second round by Ali now he's tempting him he says he has to lose at least 10 pounds in the next four weeks to be ready for evangelism he admitted as much he's overweight but he's got a month to go before his May 16 title defense no guard no guard bonding nope seconds left in the second round ally against oh shit Miami Beach so I lay with one great recession remaining the greatest of all time is the referees I got free plays along when the act and tries to push her back into a corner Sal Marchiano open okay this fellas upstaging you that wasn't much of a much of a dialog they most stuff the greatest of all time yeah thank you I'll yep we've been here that for a while maybe he is I don't know argue that well into the night one of the greatest of all times is certainly here that's Joe Lewis taking in the action in Miami Beach all right this is the final round I'll lay out for a six-round workout today three against Jody Ballard and three against this man nineteen year old Michael dope he doesn't need a mouthpiece al he says he doesn't need the mouthpiece so it comes out and the folks in this quarter don't like that yep they'd rather have that mouthpiece in there that's right they know they've had a title defense coming up here's our lazy and you know come on hit me mouth feels all right no there's no that you know the dressing room before I'll he said he's most proud of exacting he just finished his motion pictures where do you see me I'm gonna win the Academy lower than a great showman of all time Fran same sports no question about that you know one day I'll he's gonna fight he's gonna do his own commentary on the path – along with it – put a mic around his neck the DOS lottery dog should be busier he should be doing more up there hope dosa batter and a chance to lose nothing but he has really been able to take any advantage of the situation today this has certainly not been boxing at its best or near it but we just wanted to get a glimpse of a lage what he's up to what he looks like how he's doing a monster first title defense against Evangelista I guarantee you even in this charade Doakes fighting the hardest guys ever fought in his life right now I wonder now Polly's gonna close with a fur of glory usually does that in his sparring session 35 seconds left in the exhibition Oh lining it up live from Miami Beach Ellie up a little Saturday stroll those playing little possible do it early again Stokes and when they coming back to the convention center Hammett has to say time has run out if there's no bail there's the belt that people fell asleep early we're in the ring now with Muhammad Ali after his exhibition and you better be more ready than that four weeks from now against the ban I got something to tell you guys you listen came be no problem do these two black brothers your song came be no better and did you see me overweight that condition and didn't have no real trouble still moving my legs are there my reflexes I'll lose the weight at that time but do you think these two bad brothers can't get to me what do you think some evangelist is gonna do is good these boys can will be shaped in what's your plan what's my plan I'm gonna tell you but I will tell you that m2 box some people now recognize me as the best fighter of all time also well it's the icing on the lake family they will Samba lousy Muhammad pepper Muhammad a manager out there Boston home a little fat but would be ready for the showdown good question quick answer what about Jimmy young Jimmy Osgood fight oh I wanna prove he's ready for the title I had defeated around the world to feed Fraser twice stop fooling them graves more convinced that he did beat and twice now he's gotta prove he's ready I want him to fight the one or not and Bobby and then me if not maybe I might have played one mother Bobby thank you very much you gotta go thanks raise the ball time you're still pretty back to Albert all right so we've seen Ellie hey no problems is Ballard you dope and that'll do it from Miami Beach

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  1. It hurts seeing him eat shots knowing how it affected later on in his life. R.I.P Legend. ูŠุฑุญู…ูƒุฉ ุงู„ู„ู‡

  2. Love Ali to the max brought entertainment,excitement,humour,colour to boxing
    99.9 percent of his detractors are closet scumbag far right bigoted nazis and KLANTARDs supremacist who don't mean shit to me


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