MSJHS Drama Showcase Advertisement 2020: Universal Performers

Are you on? Is this thing on? Oh! Oh! I think it’s on. I think it’s on. Here, here, here Renee. Record me. Record me! Hi, I’m Faye Widjaja and I’m part of the Universal
Performers Club. So, we’re going to be having a super cool Drama Showcase!!! It’s gonna be on January 31st from 630 to
830. Whoa-
What are you doing? I’m recording an advertisement. Sounds stupid. Put me in it. No! Why would I do that? Okay. I’ll just…go tell Sidd. Uh…you don’t need to do that! Just like…uh…tell them what’s gonna happen…or
something. Go! So, it’s gonna be at C120 from 630 to 8-
Oh, hi Faye! Hi, Sohani. So, at the Drama Showcase, there’s gonna be
a lot of super fun- AND TOTALLY NORMAL
skits and other drama things. Yup, super cool drama things! Thanks, Sohani. There, you’re in it. Leave. You can’t tell me what to do. Leave
LEAVE So, tickets! Tickets are only $2! I know right? What a deal! There’s gonna be so many cool things! Oh! Like our drama present. President! He can tell you! FROG LEADER
FROG LEADER Ah! Ah, I think we might’ve caught him at a bad
time. That’s fine! There’s gonna be snacks there! Super fun! And super yummy! Lots of COOL snacks! Oh! Some of my…friends are doing a warm up! Let’s go see! And you’re skiing! And you’re skiing! And you ski off a cliff! Oh! Oh! Okay! Okay. Uh, we caught them at a bad time. Heh, that doesn’t normally happen. Uh… yeah. Normally doesn’t happen. Okay, just, just be there! It’ll be fun. Yeah! C120! 630 to 830! January 31st! Gasp! Look! It’s our play! A normal play! Let’s look at the rehearsal! BREKEKEKEKOAKOAK BREKEKEKEKOAKOAK AHHHHH!!! Cut! Cut! IGNORE- IGNORE THAT IGNORE! oH MY GoD OH mY gOD

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