MPSC Civil Engineering Mains 2018 Paper I and Paper II Analysis, Answer Key

Hello everyone welcome to Unite Coaching. First of all I would like to thank all of
you, because of your love and support unite coaching has achieved 8000 + subscribers. So thank you very much for that. In this Video I will discuss an Analysis on
the MPSC Civil Engineering Mains examination which was held on 25th November 2018. The points that will be discussed are:
What was the difficulty level of exam? How much Weightage was given to various subjects
of paper 1 and paper 2? What may be the expected cutoff? What are the Common mistakes of students? And the answer key of paper 1 and 2. The download link for Answer Key of Paper
1 and Paper 2 is also given in description below. So before we begin to the video, please click
on the subscribe button. Now let’s start with difficulty level and
subject wise weightage of paper 1. Talking about paper 1:
Paper 1 was easy if we compare this paper with paper 1 of previous year exam. The questions were simple and straight forward. Main focus was given on Conceptual questions,
which was tackled very easily by the candidates. And there were no or very less tricky questions
asked. So because of the above factors, there are
higher chances of getting good score in this paper. So the Cut Off for Paper I may go in between
130 to 150+ marks for Open Category. Now the subject wise weightage of Paper 1. Construction planning and management was asked
for 22 marks with 11 questions. There were 11 questions of numerical methods
12 questions of building construction and materials
11 questions of SOM, strength of materials. 11 questions of TOS, theory of structures. 11 questions of Structural analysis. 11 questions of Steel structures. 12 Questions of RCC
And at the Last 10 questions of Prestress. Now talking about paper 2:
Paper 2 was also very easy as compared to Paper 2 of previous year. But there were some tricky questions and some
confusing questions such as standard values, range, etc. And due to these tricky and confusing questions,
students did some silly mistakes in paper 2. So considering above Cut Off for Paper II
may go in between 110 to 130+ for Open Category. Now the subject wise weightage of Paper 1. Except Surveying, all other subjects were
asked for 18 marks with 9 questions, only Surveying had 10 questions carrying 20 marks. Now some other factors,
If we consider some other factors such as lesser vacancies compared to previous year. Result of 2017 Mains exam still not declared. So if all these factors are considered, the
Expected Cut-Off for General Category Candidates may go in between 240 to 270 marks. So, Candidates with marks in between 240 to
270 may get shortlisted for Interview. But again, this is only a rough guess considering
factors such as difficulty level, number of vacancies in this year, etc. So best luck for your MPSC result. And Hope you liked my video. So please subscribe to Unite Coaching. And yes, the download link is also given for
Answer Key in the description below. Thanks for Watching.

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