MORE singing one syllable out-of-sync

The real challenge, ladies and gentlemen, is if I can do that to any song you throw at me. So, David, what is your favourite Beatles song? (Oh Jesus!) That’s not a Beatles song. Oh Jesus… No. (Here Comes The Sun.) Alright… ♫ ♫ ♫ D’argh! …Here comes the…. Sun, doo doo…. Doo here comes the….. (Sun, I) Say it’s all… Right little dar…. And so on. Let’s have one more. Wait, what? (I Am The Walrus!) I I am he as you are we and you are we and we and are all togeth….. ther see how they…. The problem with that song is the lyrics are already bollocks. One more. (Hey Jude!) Hey…. Jude don’t make it…. Bad take a sad…. Song and make it bet…… Sing along! Ter, remem…. Ber to let her into your…. Autastic! Anyway…. We move on now, here’s a sciencey song. Would you guys like a sciencey song? I thought you probably would.

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  1. This dude dropped "awetastic" in his set and if you have a comedic mind like me then you heard "autastic" and that makes it 100000% more hilarious

  2. everyone knows that that but the tech man they want so it's definitely Tyre and Sidon. Enjoy the beetle.

  3. I can't even do this deliberately with "Twinkle twinkle little star" and that's already with numerous attempts 😂😂

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