Monster (From “Frozen: The Broadway Musical”)

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  1. This sounds so much like the original Broadway cast recording…. With NO EDITS! I'm impressed…
    Also I watched the Broadway at NYC. It was awesome. at my school, our musical is Frozen. I'm auditioning for Elsa…1 like= 1 good luck

  2. This song is so powerfull, beautiful, inspiring, emotional and relatable.

    Caissie is so beautiful and talented. She has such a beautiful, emotional and powerfull voice.

    She sounds like Idina Menzel on that highnote on the end of the song.

  3. This song is so remarkable, beautiful, and fantastically creative! I can imagine Elsa singing this, and I’ll be crying with joy.

  4. This Song could be like for people who has trouble getting along with others and has them hating them for how different they are.


  6. I felt like the songs from Frozen II were a sequel to the Broadway instead of the film. I had Monster vibes in Elsa's songs and I actually love that 🙂

  7. This is such a good touch to the show, I’m so glad they added this song. It’s really amazing that they showed Elsa feeling suicidal and so incredibly ashamed with herself because obviously she did feel that way! The movie didn’t show that as much so this is really cool

  8. Let’s be honest, there are so many songs in this musical, had they been in the first movie, they would’ve made it so much better. Monster, What do you know about love, Hans of the Southern Isles (and the reprise), Colder by the Minute, Dangerous to Dream. They’re all amazing songs that added so much to a story I honestly cared nothing for before the musical

  9. thank you disney for making this character so relatable. so many people have wondered if everything would be better if they weren’t there. suicide is such a huge problem, but a lot of people forget about suicidal thoughts. thank you for showing this character go to that dark place and come back a bit brighter…then toward the end of the musical, showing her completely healed. a teacher of mine once told our class that “never use a permanent solution for a temporary problem.” this is so it. thank you. Jesus loves you. if you’re reading this and you feel like elsa in some way, whether you’re suicidal or not, He loves you. stay here. we need you. you are gonna do such good. you don’t know how many people love you. God bless y’all.

  10. I know many other comments are like this, but this song is my all iome favorite because it lets out all emotions after a terrible day

  11. I was one of the people lucky enough to see this early at an event called JTF. We got to see the actors and everything. It was an amazing experience and I recommend everyone who has the chance to go goes

  12. Huge difference between "self-sacrifice" and "suicide". "If I die, will they be free" – Elsa is mentally preparing herself to risk her own life for the good of others, NOT to throw away her life, or escape responsibility. She is psyching herself up like a soldier ready to dive on a grenade. At the risk of hubris, the appropriate quite might be "Greater love hath no one but that they give up their life for another." (Plus it's a new twist for a Disney story, in which the hero always kills the monster – how does the story work if the hero and the monster are the same person?)

  13. "Do I kill the monster?"
    Wait, Elsa was suicidal? Is the Broadway version of Elsa trying to make her wanting to die?

  14. "Was I a monster from the start? How did I end up with this frozen heart? Bringing destruction to the stage… Caught in a war I was never meant to wage."
    I love how she sings this part. Chills.

    It's also so fucking sad that her decision at the conclusion of this song is to fix what she's done, save everyone else, and then end herself. "If I'm a monster and it's true, there's only one thing left to do, but before I fade to white I'll do what I can to make things right"

  15. this could have happened in the movie after Anna is thrown out of the palace and when arendelle soldiers come there to take her back…actually since it is from a broadway musical, I guess that is when it happens precisely

  16. This song but it's Dani from the webtoon hooky

    [Edit] I honestly dont remember why I thought this resembled Dani from Hooky at all, I was tired I think ;w;

    [Edit 2] actually I kind of see it

    [Edit 3] Will would be Hans :3

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