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Hello, Everone. In this last episode of my Sri Lanka Series, We will explore a beach Town called Mirissa and then we will meet an amazing Sri Lankan Cab driver who sings Hindi/Bollywood songs and in the last part of the episode You will have a glimpse of my next Youtube series. So let’s watch this episode together. Alright, it’s the last day in Sri Lanka. Today, I will be exploring Mirissa Beach. Mirissa Beach is a beautiful combination of Palm trees & Turquoise water. Mirissa is 28 kms from Unawatuna. I have reached Mirissa Beach. And the view is just spectacular. Mirissa was the second Beach I visited in Sri Lanka. (First was Unawatuna). And I was just amazed. Look at the colour of the water. Seriously, I had never seen this crystal clear mainland beach ever before. Mirissa has everything – Amazing Beaches, Water Sports Budget Hostels to Luxurious Resorts Restaurants serving delicious Sea-Food with vegetarian options too. But the main highlight of Mirissa is its amazing sunset spots like “The Parrot Rock” and the Instagram worthy “The Coconut Hill” And I spent my sunset on this coconut Hill only. I didn’t do much of shooting apart from these drone shots, as this place was immensely beautiful and it was my last day in Sri Lanka So I just wanted to enjoy my time here. just reached the Coconut Hill It’s very near to Mirissa Beach It’s an utterly beautiful place. Sunset is about to happen. Look at the crowd here to watch this beautiful sunset. This place is indeed famous for its sunset. I am just loving it here. I won’t be recording much as I want to enjoy the place and this sunset. It’s time to leave. Sun is already set. Incredible View, I am so happy that I could witness this. Totally worth it. Last Evening, Last Sunset in Sri Lanka. feeling little sad but it’s okay. I am going on a new trip very soon. Enjoying my time with Nishan Bro, This 2 hours long journey is about to finish, as it’s 7:30pm will be reaching to the airport in next 15-20 minutes. and time just flew in these last 2 hours. Finally saying Good Bye to Sri Lanka. Going to Airport now Booked this cab through PickMe App. and I learned the driver bhaiya is very fond of Bollywood Movies. A conversation about Bollywood movies. Him : Deepika Padukone, Shahrukh & Arjun Rampal, what’s the film? Me : HAPPY NEW YEAR Him : NOOO Him : Arjun Rampal is the Villain. Finally got the movie. Phewww Just learned that He has sung a professionally recorded song, can’t wait to listen to this. I just asked him to lip-sync to his own song for the video. Me : How did you record the song? Him : My Friend is Gayak (Singer) Him : He Made this song for me and I sang in his recording studio. Me : So This is a professionally recorded song. WOW… Me : I forgot, I never asked your name. Him : My Name is Nishan. When you meet such people on your travel journey, The journey becomes even more beautiful. Last 2 hours just flew while talking to this gentleman. Thank you, Sri Lanka, for treating me so well. I am starting a new Journey with this Vlog Series and I hope to get your support through this new journey, so that in this Materialistic World, I will keep meeting amazing people like “Nishan”. Thank You, Nishan. Love You.

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  1. Just paused your video in first one minute to comment here… awesome view and awesome road…dude plz tell me one thing, is it allowed to drive 2 wheeler their with an indian license?

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