Meet the Musicians: Timothy Garland

It’s very important to me to know where to have a baseline to know where silence stops and music begins, because without having a good idea of that point I think it’s impossible to make music. I’m Tim, Tim Garland, and I play violin in the Seattle Symphony. So, I’m a Green Seattle Partnership Forest Steward for Discovery Park. So, today we planted a tree. We planted a Douglas fir. I spend time volunteering in Seattle parks in an area of Discovery Park, taking out invasive species, and then I try and replant with native species. I’m a section violinist in the Seattle Symphony, I’m a section first violin. And so, I’m one of the guys that… I’m not one of the star-guys, and I feel that my work here is a little similar in that I’m building like a forest floor and structure so that the forest can live, which is similar to what I do in the violin section, is be part of the structure of the orchestra and the building of the music so that our good guys, our principals, like Noah and Mary Lynch and all the other fantastic people we have, can really shine. Oh, yeah! We named the tree Noah because it’s a Douglas fir and we’re naming it after our new concertmaster because it’s going to grow really big. ♪ If you want to come out, meet Noah the tree, and volunteer with us and get your hands dirty, please volunteer with us at Green Seattle Partnership and if you want to see Noah play along with us all at the Symphony please come down to Benaroya Hall.

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