Meet The Contestants | Season 1 | THE MASKED SINGER

Who is “The Masked Singer?” Oh, snap! First of all, in that outfit,
so stylish, so fabulous. I love your image, your style. You’re giving me warrior vibes. It’s mythical, it’s
magical, it’s one of a kind. Are you in the NBA? Do you play tennis? I want to see you shake
your feathers a bit. [clucking] Woo! Oh, I just want to
squeeze you and stuff. You’ve got swag, stag.

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  1. Would be AMAZING to have some of the original "Kings [& Queens]" from South Korea join the show.
    1st pick would be Sohyang!!!!!!
    Vocal goddess.

  2. I would love to see the contestants from mask singer ( S Korea) to come up like BTS Jungkook OR sohyang and see judges reactions

  3. This is basically going to be one of the best shows in 2019 if it's done right, no doubt. The asian versions are all great. I hope this is gonna be good and please don't disappoint

  4. The Lion is Jennifer Lopez, 100%. She sounds a little like Carrie Underwood with all the Autotune, but Carrie is at least 4 months pregnant, has had 3 miscarriages in the past and there is NO WAY she would take any risk recording anything of this size right now. Listen again to the video featuring the Lion's vocals, and picture J-Lo. And to the one person who said it was Sia lol you're drunk.

  5. I’m hoping it’s just as good as the Korean version. I think it would be hard to do specialities in those elaborate costumes. Lol

  6. Waa I hope they can bring in guest stars to judge and guess too! I love the Korean version so I'm super excited for this to air 👏

  7. Kan tujuan utama acara ini biar org2 fokus ke suara pesertanya terus penasaran kira kira siapakah peserta itu, tp malah ini jurinya fokus ke kostumnya

  8. The most important thing to consider here is if there will be a LIVE BAND. The reason why the Korean original is so good is not just because the contestants are great, but because the arrangement with the live band is amazing.

    I see dancers here, not a live band. Please dont focus so much on extravagance but on the music instead. The difference in culture and what is popular really shows here.

  9. Cancel the voice and just leave this. There are too many singing competitions for new talent and 0 of the winners actually go anywhere

  10. This is the show Solji went really far on correct? Excited to see who is participating in this American version

  11. lmao I was watching this in my theatre class and my theatre teacher saw the peacock feathers on the peacock costume and he said “If them real, he gon die!”

  12. My opinion-
    Rabbit- second most talented performer (he has a great singing voice and a amazing performance)
    Alien- The most attractive one, according to the judges
    Poodle- Most talented female non- professional singer (I think, if I’m wrong correct me)
    Unicorn- Most auto tuned singer (sorry unicorn)
    Hippo- Second most talented male non- professional singer
    Deer- most talented male non- professional singer
    Lion- Most pretty costume. (She’s also got a incredible voice) and the most attractive contestant according to mE
    Raven- Second most talented female non- professional singer
    Pineapple- most unique voice
    Bee- Most “Soulfull” voice
    Peacock- most talented performer
    Monster- Cutest costume, and the winner of the show

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