Marcal Paper Mill workers left jobless after devastating fire in Elmwood Park

Author Since: Mar 11, 2019

  1. I feel really awful for them. May the lord grant them what ever they are praying for. I am truely sorry for what happened and you didn't deserve this. God will have his way. Just hold onto your faith. The lord will provide.

  2. i figure they need much more than that little building left standing… plus im sure soundview is super grateful the fire caused a total loss. that plant hasnt been profitable in decades! now they can cash out on the insurance money and instant cash for soundview. unemployment lines for the workers. unless the governent makes soundview and offer they cant refuse…. its crazy 2 paper mills on river rd are gone gardeen state paper in garfield closed up when enron folded. they demolishd the plant and put a community of townhouses up. and i guarantee that is what will wind up happening in marcal's place eventually. a new community of townhousses seems like this is the trend in this area lately.

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