This is
Couples Court with
the Cutlers. This is the case of
Ware v. Ware.
You all are married and been
together for nine years. But you, Mr. Ware, believe
your wife is cheating, and you have opened this case
because of that belief. Tell us why you are here. Yes, Your Honor.
I believe that my wife
is cheating on me. JUDGE DANA: Okay. I’m not cheating. (WHISPERS) Okay. We’re gonna get to you,
let me hear what he got to say. I have reason to
believe it… Um… Oh my goodness. This is tearing you up. Yes, it is, Your Honor.
Um… How you feeling at this moment
as you try to figure out… How you’re here? I’m hurt.
Um… You know, um… My wife… She’s very flirtatious. (AUDIENCE EXCLAIMING) How does it feel to see your
husband standing here It has… so overcome, that he can’t even
get the words together. MR. WARE: Okay, Your Honor… He is in tears because he
believes that you’re cheating. You know, Your Honor,
I wear my marriage… MR. WARE: Your Honor… I wear my marriage with pride. I rocks my marriage. I rocks my marriage. Okay. I won’t let no man come,
if it ain’t Jesus… I won’t hear it. (AUDIENCE CLAPPING) I won’t hear because
I’m not going to hell. I’m not going to burn in hell
for no one. I got married because
I love my husband but I also got married because
I didn’t want to suffer. All right. In sin.
That’s why I got married. Here’s my question, have you ever cheated on your
husband in the past? No. So you have never cheated? I have no reason, he gives
me everything. So, you’re not… You’re saying
I don’t have a reason to cheat. Your Honor… Okay. Mr. Ware. Your Honor. She have, Your Honor, um, I got a phone call from
my mother. Um, she was diagnosed with
throat cancer. Um, belated. I went to go be by
my mom’s side and in the process of me being
by my mom’s side, I get a phone call saying
my wife is out hanging… Oh, she was in a club,
running streets, uh, with Tom, Dick and Harry.
She start a new life. Oh, Jehovah, Jehovah, Jehovah. You gotta understand this. Ms. Ware, were you in clubs,
while he was out taking care
of his sick mother? Yes, I was. I’m not gonna tell…
I’m gonna be real, yes I was, but see, Your Honor,
he’s not telling
the whole truth. If you’re gonna tell it,
you tell it right. You know, he called me,
and he was like, Uh huh. “Baby, I love you,
but I’m never coming home.” He’s not telling… Then, were you sleeping
with different men then? No. MR. WARE: That’s a lie. All right, you don’t believe
that at all, Mr. Ware? That’s a lie, I got calls
telling me that my
wife was cheating. I researched it, you know,
you gotta understand this. Oh Jehovah, Jehovah, Jehovah. I called the voicemail,
it… I got a man calling my house
at around three, four o’clock
in the morning. It was a booty call hours,
you understand that? It was one person. Yeah. It was one person and
I never had sex with him. And he was not my type. I gave him my phone number,
and then we got to talking, I was like, “No, I am not
doing this.” Well, if he wasn’t your type,
why’d you give him your
phone number? I was drunk. (AUDIENCE LAUGHING) MR. WARE: Right. Mr. Ware, clearly this marriage
is in trouble. What was it like
in the beginning? I gave her something that I
never gave no other woman,
you know, my heart. My whole heart, and,
she walked into
my life, like… A princess, and you know,
I wanted to be the prince,
you know. And along the way, we
tied the knot. And we became king and queen. And I thank God,
that idea run across her, because, hey, I wouldn’t be
the man I am standing
in front of you today. If it weren’t for her. But he changed me too. He have, he changed me. That’s why I said, I rocks
my husband, because he
have changed me. He didn’t change me for
the worse, he changed
me for the better. Well, good grief, you all
have got together, you all king and queen, you all have changed… Look at
this beautiful wedding picture. The wedding picture. You all changed each other
for the better… I have… What in the world are you… (AUDIENCE LAUGHING) What? Well, Your Honor, I just,
you know, me, personally, I need to know that I am
not putting my life… On-on, putting
all my eggs in one basket
and it’s not worth it. And so, Mr. Ware, why do you think
she’s cheating? Well, Your Honor, you know,
I picked up a second job, I was in process going in
to the freezer area, yeah, I noticed, you know,
just hypothetically, you know, a group of guys, standing
over there, you know,
laughing and joking, you know, when I walk away,
but as I come back around, they hush-hush, everybody act
like they be really
seriously at work. So, I go back the next time,
to go to the cooler, I hear the same noise
that my wife makes during climax, you know, “Oh Lord Jesus,
shoo,” “Oh Lord Jesus, shoo,”
you know, and… So, you hear these guys
saying this? Yes, Your Honor,
it’s just a coincidence. Oh, Jehovah, Jehovah,
Jehovah. You gotta understand this, it’s a coincidence. That when our intimate time, you can’t just happily come
off the top of your head
and say this. Okay, so… And laugh and joke.
(STAMMERS) So you’re saying you hear
these guys, and they’re saying “Oh Lord Jesus,” what? Yes. Oh, Lord Jesus, yeah. Oh, Lord Jesus, shoo. (IN UNISON) Oh, Lord Jesus,
shoo. JUDGE KEITH: And as you’re
hearing this, you’re like… That sounds familiar and
it clicks to you, that this is what she says
when you all are making love. Oh, Jehovah, Jehovah, Jehovah. At the point of climax? Yes, Your Honor.
You gotta understand this, Oh, Jehovah, Jehovah, Jehovah. I don’t deal with these people. They don’t know nothing of me.
Don’t stay next door to me. Oh, Lord, help me. They don’t stay at the corner
from me, you know… So the only way you know that. Coincidence by walking past
someone and… Oh wow, they’re work in the
same place as me, right? Oh, Jehovah, Jehovah, Jehovah. The only way they can know that
is that one of them has been
with her. Right. And you think they’ve been
making that noise to let you know they’ve been with her? Jehovah, Jehovah, Jehovah. Ms. Ware, Ms. Ware, Ms. Ware. He wrong, he wrong, he wrong. He wrong. Ms. Ware, do you say… “Oh Lord Jesus”? Yes, ’cause he’s good. (AUDIENCE LAUGHING) I give the boy his props! JUDGE KEITH:
So do you say that? (SHOUTING) Listen, listen.
You all gotta listen. Okay, so you do say that? Yes. And so there’s no way these
guys would know that unless you’ve been with them. unless you’ve been with them. I think he’s overexaggerating. I think that… Of course, they’re right. Yeah, okay. ‘Cause I gotta tell you,
“Oh Lord Jesus, shoo” is not common. If you keep hearing that… Amen. Thank you. Thank you. The fact that they would say
that in front of your husband. Every job he go to, I sleep
with somebody at that job. Every job! Then that give
him excuse to leave one job
to another job, to another job, to another job. Are you admitting that you’re
sleeping with other people? No. You’re saying he’s accusing
you of that? Yes, he’s accusing me. So, every job he goes to,
he says, you slept
with somebody on that job? Yes, yes. Mr. Ware, you’re not doing
that, are you? Yes, he is. Well, Your Honor, you know,
I love her, but do I believe that she’s
the woman I fell in love with? No, I do not. Have you seen anything else
that make you think your
wife is cheating? I came home from work, I knock on the door. Now, we only have one
set of keys. It takes her seven minutes
to come to the door. That’s a lie. But when I walk, walk,
walk up in the house, I noticed that in the tub, is our bed sheets. (AUDIENCE EXCLAIMING) (STAMMERING) If the sheets
were just tossed up in there, it’s still dry. You know, it’s not soaking wet
all the way through. This is what she was doing
in the process of me knocking
at the door, then I get in the room,
the bedroom window’s open. It’s January, in Chicago. And the window’s opened? Winter month. Okay. Okay. So, I go take the garbage out,
and in the process of me
taking out the garbage, I look down, beside the window,
I see… Footprints. That’s a lie. You know, (STAMMERS) like a
person scooted out the window. And jumped out. Fingerprints (STAMMERS) up
the windowsill. Now, I wouldn’t see… That’s a lie. This is fresh snow,
Your Honor. That’s a lie. These footprints are deep right
there, and then they line
towards going to the back. Okay, Ms. Ware. All right. He’s lying, the man is lying. So tell us what happened? I got up, clean myself up,
threw the sheets in the tub, because we don’t have
a washer and a dryer. Threw the sheets in the tub,
with bleach, and I changed
the sheets. I tried showing him that, where I had bleach in the tub, and then, I had lit a candle it caught on fire. Okay. Why was the window open? Because I was letting
the smoke out because the
smoke alarm came on. But why were there fingerprints
on the ledge… He didn’t tell you that… Our screen…
The screen is like, because the screen was already
bumbled, my landlord came
and screwed it down. So, there’s no way for
you to get out? There’s no way. So you deny that you had a man
in your house, when he… I don’t cheat on my husband. I won’t hear it. I think we have enough
evidence, Mr. Cutler. Okay. Mr. Ware, you believe
your wife has been unfaithful
to you because you’ve heard some of your
coworkers, mockingly use the
very same phrases she uses when you all are
making love, and she climaxes. Yes. You came home, and didn’t
have a key, and it took her seven minutes to open
the door. Yes. And because of that, you
believe that your wife is
cheating with other men. Yes, Your Honor. Because of this,
this court has done a full and complete
investigation. At this time, the court would
like to call Licensed
Private Investigator, Eric Echols, to determine, is she cheating? (AUDIENCE CLAPPING) Perfect. Good day, Mr. Echols.
How are you? Fine, Your Honor.
Sir, how are you today? Doing well,
it’s good
to see you. Tell us what you
and your team did
to investigate this case. Well, Your Honor, I had a very
built and well put-together associate of mine, go undercover and pose as a man
who was coming to court, because he too,
was accused of cheating. He was placed in a room
with Ms. Ware, and a hidden camera to see if
she would take his bait. So what did your associate
find out? Everything seemed pretty
calm at first, until a court staff came in
and asked my associate to change his shirt before
he took his polygraph test. Oh, what happened after
he removed the shirt? Well, Ms. Ware got pretty
heated at first, and did everything in her
power to keep it together, and we also brought that tape. JUDGE DANA: Oh, I see
her fanning. (LAUGHS) (LAUGHS NERVOUSLY) (LAUGHS) Yeah. Oh, Jehovah, Jehovah, Jehovah. Mr. Ware, what do you think as
you’re watching this… I’ll just say my wife is selfish… If I was to touch a woman, there’s a problem, a coworker
can’t even say nothing to me. So, I go there putting some… You were doing, shut your eyes. Put some baby lotion
on her because she wanted some lotion. I didn’t put no lotion on him,
all I did was roll up sleeve. Right. He said they heard it
right up in here, so, I rolled the part up
and I was like,
okay, you can pull this up too. And it will help.
That’s the only thing I did. I didn’t sleep with him.
I didn’t do nothing. Your Honor, when I said, he’s
gonna make Derrick look small,
I was talking about muscles. Shave my head, Your Honor. Ms. Ware, let me ask you this. If the situation were
reversed, if there were… If there were a woman
who had on a halter top and some daisy dukes, and he acted
the same way you acted, would you be upset with him? I know I heard it… He was sexy though. Your Honor…
I know, I know. He was sexy, but you act like I would’ve
jumped in bed with him. The interesting thing
about this, I heard you go
“Lord, Jesus.” (AUDIENCE GASPS) That’s the same thing that she
always say. Yeah, so that does corroborate. Hmm. So it’s coincidence,
ain’t it? To further investigate this,
we order Ms. Ware to
take a polygraph exam. We’d like to call certified
polygraph examiner, Tommy Platt
into the courtroom. Ron, would you escort him in? (APPLAUSE) Get on the witness stand,
please. Mr. Platt, how are you? Good, Your Honors. You performed a polygraph
examination of Ms. Ware,
is that correct? Yes, ma’am. All right. Ms. Ware was asked… “Have you ever had physical,
sexual contact with anyone
from your husband’s job?” What was her response? She stated, “No.” What did the lie detector
determine? The lie detector
determined that… What did the lie detector
determine? The lie detector
determined that… She was being truthful. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) Ha! Pop the collar.
Hmm. We still have one more
question. I know, but I believe in Jesus, and
Jesus knows my heart, hello. Ms. Ware was asked, During your marriage, have you
had sexual intercourse with
anyone other than your husband? What was her response
to that question? She stated, “No.” What did the polygraph
determine? The polygraph determined… that she was telling the truth. Oh, Jehovah. (AUDIENCE CLAPPING) There you go.
What did I say? I ain’t no hoe. Roll one, boo-boo. Mr. Ware. Your Honor, you now, um… I can be man enough to say,
well… Sorry, I apologize. You know, but, I also
got to make it up to you. Okay? I told him I want some things. I told him if I passed this,
I want some things. Okay, wait, hold on. I want a… I want a diamond ring
and I want a new car. All right, well, Ms. Ware, I’m gonna talk to you,
woman to woman. Yes, ma’am. When you have a
big personality, you have to be careful with
your husband if he’s the
quiet type. Because you can stomp all over
him and not even see it. When we turned to him, what he
said was, “I’m sorry.” “I’m willing to do some things
to let you know I love you
and I appreciate you.” I love my husband, Your Honor. I know. I know, and your
response was, “I want stuff!” And so, I would encourage you to be a little more
gracious toward him. As you forgive him for the
accusations he made. And Mr. Ware, you know, you got yourself
a handful right here. (LAUGHS) You got yourself
a beautiful, loving handful. (LAUGHS) And she didn’t just
turn that way overnight. You know, she was like that
when you got with her. Which is what you love
about her. So, you’ve got to allow her the
space to be herself without being so suspicious. JUDGE DANA: You walking out
with your queen,
that’s what you want. Right. And that’s all I wanted
to be treated like. I’m not a hoe. All right. I’m not a hoe.
I’m a woman. And I’m a part of him. God gave me to you,
and I rocks it. (AUDIENCE LAUGHING) (MUFFLED) (LAUGHS) Well, Mr. and Ms. Ware, we have
counseling available for you to make your marriage
even more fruitful and more fulfilling than it is. And you know what, I thank
you, because I knew no one
could do it but you all. You gave me back my marriage. As we say in this courtroom
don’t cheat yourself
out of a chance, for a happy, fulfilling,
vivacious marriage. Court is adjourned.

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