Making Art With Wattson in Apex Legends

wait so this is taught playing as Watson I'm gonna kill you how do I play what's a pick slut oh wow I'm picking up so much stuff in apex legends while learning how to put down offense you can draw or fit you can make some like really funny jewelry okay you know you can do like a penis I don't I really don't want to do that your penis draw it all right yeah do you know how to do it I don't know what a penis really looks like but I'm giving it my darkness don't worry guys the payoffs gonna be great I know it's not gonna fit yeah I was about to say watch it's not gonna fit cuz I was gonna stop doing it here all right here we go ransacking Kat just really wants to see this drawing I love that cat eye do you think I don't know what a penis looks like do you ever look down uh no I never look if you have your own place it down and if you're near it I could get I'll look just give me a sec man I'm trying to make a dicking apex Lycians okay okay so this out and then now it's just gonna be a log maybe I can do my zipline all right I'll do this the point at the end of wait for it I'm waiting the wait for it oh no it's fine no that's not and then way it's your city penis there we go that's it's not really didn't line up yeah you got it you're gonna make this little left floor over here okay right here just just just take this one and move it a bit more this is art by the way Topher this is art you may not like it but this is art and look I've got West dream I'm so glad this took up so long I don't have any items because of it it's complete wow this is so great thanks man I put a lot of work oh I can write it that's crazy I love the new update an apex legend alright you can grab my white body on the from here I can't believe I feel a bit bad abandoning my dick like that but come back for it god kill me after rescue Typho save the princess oh yeah she's coming up oh now I'm going down because almost it what are you more scared at the hologram than the actual first try to put down light for night building tool guys where are my men Oh Mary Meg shit wait someone has an orc Dan shields me everybody run run north okay no you let them outside to me it's alright I'll just strap it in caterpillar squad go oh yes cover up the noise big Leviathan well thanks Leviathan Oppie Grande dude thanks puppy Grande alright so bread you know what to do I'll grab you yeah hello buddy yes have you taught sir we've come full-circle I knew my dick would come in handy Thank You Todd stick they're coming give it such dick Oh cock you tell the whole finish applaud you know it yeah I use the power of electricity okay Oh No yep yeah Todd eQuest here you know good night back ligand what are you the patch dirt guy I'm a passionate guy hey guys I'm patching her guys meet mr. patch no man I'm here to tell you about a patch notes who wants to hear things I want to hear a Fechner all right first thing a patch note the now we go those screens are blue now wow that is cool thank you for telling me there mr. patch Thank You mr. patch note you are you another batch no oh I do mm-hmm fuck your mother's ill-bred Oh God yeah I wanna talk to Sebastian read the full details nice I missed all my shots sorry I'm doing a finisher this is the power of electric even hitting you how did he not hit you and the ghost you're looting in the open colonel yeah so doing it man what come here we can go meet the boy is it scary boy talk yeah David Attenborough what's up boy don't you kill update away with you folder get to the Dave we're getting attached by a bunch of bird watches right now the Adam I'm here to do a finish alright guys I'm just starting off as a different thing just real quick I'm dropping solo we'll meet up guys Dori what the hell I can assure you I'll be fine you can assure us you'll be fine yeah but I kind of show you guys you go through literally across them how there's so many people going Todd you should be able to yes so what happened was the game glitched and I didn't pick it up immediately it showed me picking you up and then I didn't have it yeah that always happens to be all-star don't you know I didn't I'm doing a finisher though why are you doing it finisher in this day and age cuz I thought it would be cool I'm going to die now but I'm coming for you boy oh yeah they come this way thank you we we landed as a team yes a team Brandi what guys I'm surprised you I gotta kill without you I'd the other gun I gotta always do you like my nice touch what'd you get sorry I wasn't listening yep Brad I'd love to hear it I killed the boat the whole school up that was probably hurting you oh well ah you know what guys I like playing solo I can relax don't worry about talk to him what do you mean Dee and play to me I didn't finish and it went really well for me so maybe we should just keep up being split up you know [Applause] that sounds good to your top oh do you want Fred's help not with me waked we're good at it wait what how do you waving I told you I don't need you I once they split up even more coming guys let them come what the fuck are you doing here boy show come boat I don't want you we immediately die since you're here Brad yeah if we die now a little small in your curst guys don't leave me please we can do this we can defeat them if I just have your help we can do it yes oh you want me to deal with this by myself somehow yeah guys what's up guys can I have your help please I'd like your companion the magic words fuck you Todd help me that's not it's so nice being in a two men it's relaxing isn't it yeah that we like dominated those days and now there's Brett over there struggling with a measly three people oh it's just different schools now so the Alliance we're in an alliance yeah we're the alpha squad know where alpha squad in your beta cock all right yeah cock report I'm coming back to you guys and then I'll break up again all right good wicked tag team come in and I could give you some shields alpha squad this sounds good beta cock beta cock such a fucking freak oh no here's one better coming I'm right here oh yeah hey yeah all right oh sorry man slit well you guys I don't really need to I got my own but thanks anyway I'll see you later yes catcha big luck he's gone hey I can't see a goddamn it oh hey guys yeah we took a different one but it went to the same place you guys what I like for tag team up look no but I think it'd be better if we stay split up and maybe I got a special move I just watch from afar like oh well just go far far away and I felt by doing that thanks I'll squirts kicking it no cop report and no one else is coming here Typho except for a squad of three people and you don't have read it first you grab a punch okay okay would you get it up oh that's okay all right it's all like you betta you're gonna pro happy well tell you what betta don't listen to what they say about you you may not be a good of fighting but you're really good at running away and I like that you know just like go away stay those guys I left he's over here Killman yeah I have a gun great job everyone Wow good job good job alpha squad okay – beta oh shit I did it I'm here to help Vader oh good yeah good job we're the best alpha squad better do not get confused [Laughter] but I'm having so much fun with you guys yeah yeah no that's great and all but you know he's a professional please 8900 that's enough for me I'll stay away now thank you but I don't have to see I don't have to go up there and see I'm like a ninja yeah like a ninja yeah tell me that please yeah yeah you like a ninja what is their hesitation you're like a ninja dude yeah okay we're coming towards you soon move away I can't see oh to be honest I could eat Oh yo bait is on his way okay cool oh let's go to your back I did it I did it I actually that was insane Tokyo back in time though oh shut your mouth I think I should say if he from now on alpha squad Oh solar sounds like else when you think about it anyone else know shut the fuck oh don't run forget the phrase a message if elusive theta just I know go [Applause] no get something else key run alpha has to get him sofa I can hear people running around oh oh there's two blues over here Topher oh oh my god someone's come to get it someone's coming together time phone healthy okay coming later boys coming oh man that's alpha score for you Oh what oh my job told you that if you do an ultimate accelerant it fully charges your alt that's where the characters perk is that true yes what nobody tell me why was cactus the whole time you don't have to go oh but leave this video click another one wanna subscribe to subscribe to girl ah ha ha ha

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  1. Woooah yeah todd , Even though you suck you're much more entertaining to watch than zilbrad , Much support bro.

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