It’s time for the Pop Jam daily challenge! First I’ll practice on paper. Then I’ll draw it on the app and finally I’ll share it with my pop jammer friends! Hmmm, what should I do? I need to clean this marker off before it sets in. What are you doing Hope? I’m just practicing my mad basketball skills. Half of my drawing is gone. Oh no! Who’s that? Eden? Yeah? Eden what are you doing? My pictures are all half gone! I’m working on a new invention. The magic eraser. It can erase anything. Anything? Yeah, pretty much. Hope? She better not have crashed that basketball into any of my inventions! Here, hold this until I get back. It can erase anything! Hope! Oops. It’s okay. I have just the thing to make it disappear before mom gets home. Help! Noah! You are erasing yourself! I’m turning invisible! It’s kind of cool tough! But I don’t know how to undo it! You’re going to be stuck like that forever! What are we going to do? I’ve been preparing this for days. Behold! Now you can’t see him and now, you still can’t see him. Here let me try something I have an idea, let’s try drawing him back. Yeah, that did not work. We are going to have a half of a brother forever. I’m sorry Noah. Now what are we going to do? Let’s just wash him off with water! No, no, no! I don’t want to get wet! I’m going to get you! Ahhhh! I know what to do! Eden, download PopJam for free right now! Okay! Now find the photo I just posted and complete the drawing! Noah look it’s working! You’re turning back to normal! Oh thank goodness it’s working! Let’s post these pictures on PopJam so the pop jammers can fix them! Great idea! But first! Guys! Where did you go? Okay? I wonder where they went? Uh oh! Found them. Hey guys thanks for watching! Go complete Noah’s drawing on PopJam now! And make sure to download PopJam for free and follow SuperHeroKids. We will be shouting out all of the best entries and following everyone back! PopJam is all about creativity and being part of a safe, kid friendly community. Click the link in the description below if you want to download PopJam now. You can also find PopJam on the app store and the Google Play store. Bye Whoa! Where did you all go?

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