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Made with Music Mini-Gig Performer Comments

I’ve heard of people that had brought
their kids along and said it was an amazing experience so when we were
messaged about playing it was a real honour and honestly it’s surpassed all my
expectations I heard it was a great thing but it’s
been incredible to see so many people getting together, having fun, kids just
playing with each other who’ve never met before, great music – it’s a really
wonderful thing. It was nice to see people just out there
having fun, just having a great time whether it’s to do with me or not I
don’t know! It made me feel more cheerful than normal, more at ease than normal
probably. Amazing, great audience! like yeah, it’s definitely brought the average
age of our audience down quite quite a bit the average age of the audience was about five years old today was it?
it’s brilliant The kids factor was just above and beyond what we normally have, like our audiences are cute, but today was just another level, that’s the take away for me The special thing is that it’s done so well, everything’s thought about for the children, in terms of places
to lay down or like a sensory tent to get away. You can tell that the the
children have really been thought about and I think it makes for something which is
special I think the thing with kids is that they
are very honest and so you you just stand there and be yourself and
eventually they respond, so whatever response you get is not out of
politeness and it’s such a pure thing to experience. So if you’re there
enjoying yourself, they enjoy it and it’s beautiful to experience. The fact that you’ve made sure that it’s
so accessible and that it’s just giving parents an opportunity to come to a gig
and bring the kids along and let them all have a good time, I think that’s
fantastic Just to bring people together, kids and their families you know spend some time
together in a great space listening to music and getting involved, so if that’s kind of
what Made with Music’s about, then it looks great to me I never seen anything quite like this
I don’t see anywhere where as an adult, you can come and have fun but the kids
can have fun in the same kind of way as well yeah, I think it’s very unique thing
and very special

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