Loading Paper on Z3200 plotters

When loading paper into an HP Z3200, go into the menu using the button on the bottom right of
the front panel and select “Paper Load” and “Load Roll.” You should then get a prompt to feed
the paper into the back of the plotter. Next, remove the old roll of paper. Make sure to keep the blue cap,
as you’ll need to put it back on later. After loading the new roll, make
sure it’s facing the correct direction. The paper should hang over
when you go to load the roll. Make sure that the blue cap is on, and that
it is in fact touching the silver connection. You may need get low to
actually feed the paper into the slot. You should feel the plotter start to grab the paper. Once you do, push just a little bit more, and
then let it feed it automatically the rest of the way. Remember, with these plotters, the
key is patience and perseverance. And please, remember to take
your prints, when they’re done.

Author Since: Mar 11, 2019

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