LIVIN RAW #1 – Summer/Fall Happiness

did someone crash ? ya i heard it keep going it’s a good story -15 degrees of celcius i wanna ride my dad said i’m insane , told me he’s gonna sell the bike if i will be riding i decided to go for a ride anyway , just when i was about to going back to home i had a road tire and there was a really thin layer of the ice on the road i haven’t noticed that , and just in a second fell down bike is sliding and i was just worried to not slide to the main road with a bigger traffic bike’s sliding , i’m sliding , i got up my arm hurts but i was able to get back to home i came back to home , and my Mom’s telling me that my Father needs some help and my dad is like ” let’s move the furnitures to another place ” i lifted off the furniture but just with one good arm and he’s like ” what’s up with your second arm ?” and i’m like… he’s alive ? yeah he got up how it’s going homie ? ya i got some zipties no worries , most important that you’re alright ! all good ? that’s the most important.

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