♬ Hey Singers,
I’m Justin Stoney the founder of
New York Vocal Coaching here with you for
another episode of Quick Singing Tips. Today I’m joining you from
the A1 Record Shop in the East Village. Well, times change,
technology evolves, records go from 8 tracks, to tapes,
to CDs, to mp3s, to streaming. Pretty soon there’ll probably
be a microchip in our brains that can suddenly
just play any song. [ Movie clip ] [ Movie clip ]
♬ But no matter what happens,
records will always be cool. There’s something about
them that just gives that vintage sound a sort
of purity and authenticity that gets lost
in the digital age. That’s why you and I
are hanging out at the A1 Record Shop today, because I’m feeling like
expanding my listening horizons. Which leads us
to our question from Celeste M. in Portland, Oregon. Celeste writes, “Dear Justin,
what artists should I listen to to improve my singing?” That’s an awesome
question Celeste. And that’s exactly why
we’re here at A1. A1 is amazing. I could literally blindfold myself,
pick a record at random, and find a hidden gem. ♫ One problem that
singers face is the habit of being very narrow
when it comes to their listening. They get stuck listening
to the same old thing. Same old thing. Same old thing. It’s easy to listen only to
what’s popular or trending at the moment. Now there’s absolutely
nothing wrong with that. It’s good to stay current. But think of it this way,
that’s what everybody does. Even non singers just
listen to what’s trendy. My question is, do you
want to be like everyone or do you want to stand out
as a truly unique and special artist? I think we both
know the answer. The human voice is capable
of an infinite amount of things. But if we’re listening to too
narrow of a musical range then we’re gonna be limited
even within our own style. So Celeste, really the key is
to make sure that your listening is focused, disciplined,
and intentional. Not just haphazard or whatever
seems to be hot at the moment. Here’s my challenge, start
with something simple like I’m gonna listen to one song
by five new artists each week. Or I’m gonna listen to five
songs by one new artist. Or this week I’m gonna listen to
five songs from a certain decade. You can get creative. Keep a journal of your listening
progress or create playlists. Before you know it your
knowledge of artists, music history, and vocal
styles, will skyrocket. This will make you a
much better singer. Stylistically, you’ll absorb the genius
of those that came before you. Their phrasing, their vibrato,
their riffs, articulation, and instincts. Technically you’ll grow as the
boundaries of your vocal technique are stretched and inspired by
some of the greatest voices. And finally, repertoire. By listening broadly you’ll
discover songs that fit your voice that you
never knew to sing. Here are some other things
that I hope can help your singing to skyrocket. For voice lessons or Skype
lessons with the NYVC staff visit us at
NewYorkVocalCoaching.com. If you’d like a vocal course that you
can do at home check out the Voice Lessons To The World Vocal Course. This twelve part program takes you
on a singing journey from beginner to master level vocal exercises. You can find it at
VoiceLessonsToTheWorld.com. Or, if you’d like free vocal
tips sent to you each day sign up at
DailyVocalTips.com. And now, here’s Justin with
this week’s vocal benediction. Any artist knows that it’s
good to live in the moment. But, don’t get stuck there. Go back and let the voices
of the past sing in your ears and resonate in your soul. By going back, you’ll be surprised
when you suddenly become inspired on exactly how to go forward. ♬

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