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now we have our fantastic document created We want to save this to save it we go to file there is a save and a save as because we haven’t saved it as anything yet it is calling it
untitled one we also have a a little disc here it says save to disk if I click
that it’s going to do the same thing as save as because it’s the first time it’s going to prompt us for a name and a location and a type the uh… odt open document text and we’re going to
give this give this the name… formatting toolbar uh… examples odt so we’re saving that as an odt document now we can see that are little disc here is grayed out because we
don’t have the changes to save if make any changes at all if i click on
here and just hit the spacecraft we see that we can now save this or
update it maybe or re-save is a better way to say it we will save it again and another place to look for when we
have an update is on the status bar at the bottom we
don’t see anything yet but i’m going to go down and hit a space again it changed this little thing here is saying
this document has been modified double click here to save the document so we can
do it here or there or in the file save or save as if you want to save it with a
different document name so i’m going to double-click this and it goes away it’s saved this goes back to grayed out so we have a
document saved now that we’ve saved this as open document text file let’s save it as a .pdf that’s easy
to do just by clicking right there this button… export directly as .pdf it’s telling us it wants to keep the same name in just
changing the document type to .pdf and i’ll say yes and it’s saved to open it here it is on the desktop and now it’s opened as a .pdf now let’s assume that this is a resume
or a document that you need to send to your company and the only except word
format LibreOffice can do that as well just go up to file save as we have our same name but we’re going to
change the document format to we can do it as a text
document or a rich text format those are very common uh… but we need to do a word
two thousand seven so i’m going to save it is that and clicking save do we want to… now it is asking us you’re going to
save this as a different type you want to do that and i say yes keep the current
format don’t change that to uh… open document
format it was not an accident so now when i uh… I can close this and there it is on our desktop double-clicking that opens up right
in to word format… or in word two thousand ten has our same formatting for our
show card gothic twenty looking at our bold worked italic works
underlined and all three align center line right-aligned here we have our numbering with the
highlighting then we also have where we did the uh…
background color change now the the bullet looks a little different than
the bullet we used there but it’s still a bullet so i believe that this is fine it’s opened up I would consider this success now i’m going to open up the word
document with LibreOffice writer using open with and it can open up word documents in Libre Office now we
know so this bullet still look funny so let’s see if we can’t change them I’m going to highlight that go into formatting bullets and numbering I’m going to change it to maybe these bigger bullets i still want the round bullets but
uh… since it came out as triangles last time file save as proceedings soon we are saving as the same name – yes replace it yes keep the uh… word format Now if I open it in word we see that the bullets come out as the circles that we wanted

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  1. You are correct! You can read in power point presentations into LibreOffice impress and you can save your LibreOffice Impress documents as a Microsoft 2003 .ppt or Microsoft 2007/2010 .pptx document format.

  2. Thank you for these old quick videos to learn LibreOffice as playlists. Now learning LibreOffice 4. (March 18, 2015)

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