Leopard to attack zoo worker | English subtitles | Feeding Young leopards | precautions | protection

Pls read full description before putting any comments. Pls read full description before putting any comment. we are also against animal cruelty , this video has been shot few years back and publish just for archive info purpose and not for entertainment, current condition of zoo and cages may be different. These leopards had been captured from the out side of jungle (human resident areas) after attacking on human. read full description before putting comment. Pls read full description before writing any comment this video has been made few years back after increasing the incidents of leopards attacks on human areas, and by no choice dept. had to capture them.

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  1. Hi wildlife lovers,
    These leopards had been captured after attacking by them on humans, once they taste human blood, they become too dangerous or you can say man eater thats why forest dept. needed to keep them in the cage.

    We Indian don't believe to shot them dead so department initially keep them in small cage and then after shift them in large enclosure.
    After keeping them in the cage department has to provide them per day food according to wild experts and rules.

    This video has been shot few years back, so current position may be vary. Its jus published for Archive knowledge – info purpose.
    For better understanding about leopards in wild and captive, kindly watch my another hindi video "Leopard vs lion vs tiger habitat", where you could get Idea about the situation of this carnivorous.

  2. 0:59
    Leopard: Hmm witch guy should i pick hmm maybe the tall guy
    Leopard: NO HE'S MINE Attacks
    Leopard: Ok fine

  3. A simple lesson for humans is not to produce like … Earth doesn't need humans but humanity. Few the better. Time will come to purge the population.

  4. ´γιατη δεν δειχνης τα κρεατα και τα ωραια της καθε μιας τα δοντακια

  5. To release these leopard they would more than likely be poisoned or trapped. I understand the adjustment period the only thing I would say is leopard are normally solitary animals and perhaps their aggression is increased by putting them intogether. The guys that are running this are doing a good job in trying to rehabilitate however and should be given respect.

  6. 1}
    Leopards shouldn't feed at day lights it's a animal whoMOST OF THE TIME Hunt @neight we are changing there habit's

  7. Hats off to these caretaker for risking their live when feeding these maneating leapords. Bravo keep it up. Take care.

  8. These leopards just want to show their gratitude to these people feeding them…..I dont see what the fizz is all about🤣🤣🤣🤭🤭🤔

  9. Please leave them in some Sanctuary or anywhere open for god sake! Of course Nobody likes to be captured or kept inside a cage!

  10. This breaks my heart to see these beautiful creatures locked up and on hard cement with nothing to live for but to be spectacles for selfish reasons😪

  11. I feel so heartbroken for them. They are so scared & don't understand what's going on. I understand they became a nuisance to humans & attacked people & nobody wanted them to be killed. They didn't do anything wrong. Apparently this cage was only temporary. These cats were to be relocated.

  12. Leopards are 1 of my 2 favourite animals. They are so beautiful. They r also terrifying, I'd rather come across a wild tiger than a wild leopard.

  13. This is not their natural habitat ..What kind of care taker he is , when we human being only kept them inside a case…just for a day stay inside jail ,you will understand the pain.

  14. Thanks for sharing this… Why hide the meat? its not properly hidden… In any case, leopards can be very ferocious. We had an experience of a leopard growling when we were shooting a video in the Mumbai Zoo. While we have shared it in our channel, the key point is how beautiful these animals are.

  15. absolutely they have every right to attack…you will understand if you remains in a jail..cage is like jail for wild animal… none of them should be in a cage..

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