Leopard Performs “Somebody To Love” By Queen | Season 2 Ep. 2 | THE MASKED SINGER

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  1. Nick said there were 5 hall of famers, and 7 Superbowl appearences. This has to be a Football player, unless you think the Rottweiler or Fox is a football player.

  2. For some reason.. Freaking Tyler Perry (Madea) comes to my mind. He sings gospel, and sounds a bit similar to this.
    But it could also be Seal, like everyone in the comments says. Guess we'll all find out when/if the Leopard gets eliminated!

  3. Sounds like Billy Porter from broadway (kinky boots)? Looks to be the right height. He was called a fashion icon at the 2019 Emmys. He's worn this style of dress before.

  4. I think it might be Barry Bonds! In the Clues it mentioned that no one could catch them and that they won. He also had controversy over steroids and his divorce/abuse allegations. He also has previously cross dressed, they mentioned that everyone wants to know what they were wearing.

  5. The talent is on another level this season. Of course, last one had Gladys and T Pain and stuff….but they aren't stickin Rikki Lakes and Tori Spellings in this time lol

  6. It's Seal… if not, it's SisCo. But pretty sure its Seal. I've heard Seal live, he sounds exactly like Leopard. ;P

  7. i was under the impression that this was BRENDON URIE! IT IS MOST DEF NOT!!! This hurt me like an unexpected g-note. Please like if you were sad this is obviously NOT BRENDON URIE!

  8. It's blatantly Seal. He's exaggerating his accent but listen to his vocals on "Killer" or "Kiss From a Rose". 100% it's him.

    In fact, this early live performance more or less confirms it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rPQ6a6f9-yA

  9. this is most definitely not brendon urie 😂😂 i’ve heard him live and that’s definitely not his voice, because he would have hit those high notes to the heavens

  10. IT’S SEAL!!! 100%!!! I played “kiss from a rose” a thousand times when I was little I’d recognize that voice ANYWHERE!

  11. My guess is Caitlin Jenner. As Former Decathlon athlete Bruce Jenner, she was a gold medalist. Thus heavy hitter/no one could catch her. Family drama, media caring about her relationship and what she wears and be who she wants to be, totally fits with Caitlin Jenner.

  12. 1. Maybe a good actor: Jamie Foxx, but I think it is taller
    2. A broadway artist like Billiy Porter?? Just beacause he can do many voices as a well trained artist
    3. That voice gives me a Seal vibe, but I know nothing right now! LOL

  13. When I see this performance I can't help but think of Dennis Rodman… Not like he has a problem wearing a 👗 just sayin

  14. That's Rupaul! ALL the clues fit. He wore a dress almost exactly like that for the cover of Vogue, he has a lot of purple on his show  AND he has purple chairs in his house. He said he's "fierce" that's a BIG drag queen word and Rupaul says "darling" ALL the time. He is wearing an Elizabethan dress while singing a song from Queen. He grabbed Nick's butt, a straight man wouldn't do that and he's singing a song from a band who's lead singer was gay. There are a lot of clues in the newspapers. One newspaper is dated 4-10-15, which is the date of one of RuPaul's shows, the clock is pointing to 9, Rupaul's Drag Race is on at 9:00. One of the newspapers says Lorem Ipsum Dolor  Sit Atem, which is Latin. Lorem Ipsum is what typographers used for their font, that points to Rupaul.  All the other clues match too.

  15. Here is the answer: yes it's him. "I will get in trouble" is a dead giveaway. Maybe he was still jet lag hahaha https://youtu.be/awLJ3z6luz4

  16. This doesn’t sound like brendon Urie , I heard on the radio people are convinced this is Brendan and I listen to this and I’m like “R u stupid, y’all not true fans”

  17. Okay I heard people saying this is brendon urie sorry but this is NOT BRENDON HIS VOICE IS ALOT HIGHER AND ALOT DIFFRENT

  18. The comments are full of people berating anyone who thinks it’s Brendon Urie, but I have yet to see ONE person actually think it’s Brendon Urie.

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