Lee Colter I’m a singer songwriter producer.
I share music. That’s what I’m passionate about. I’m originally from Australia Brisbane
Australia. So when I was a you know ten years old. I mean
my mother always had a guitar around the house. She used to be in a band in the 60s with her
sisters just jamming in the garage and so there’s always a guitar around my house. My
brother picked up the guitar after we both heard this Simon and Garfunkel record that
my dad brought home and he started playing guitar and singing
and I start doing harmonizing with him. And then a couple years laters like I need to
play the guitar so I started playing bass about 12 years old.
And then all through high school I was in like grunge bands. Just up the way it made
me feel from a kid to today this makes you feel like that there’s a connection there
and something to share with with strangers with the people you know, loved ones. I feel
like it is a uniting force so I like being part of it. Through music I was very driven
from a very early age. I knew that’s what I wanted to do from about 15 years old it’s
like I knew it was what I want to do and that’s kind of the age where it would have expected
to really start getting introduced to drugs and the party scenes. And so you know I don’t
know if I was so driven into music that I was so focused around that age 15 when I started
getting into it that I wasn’t aware of what was going on around me or maybe I was just
plain docile. It was happening and I saw pot and I saw definitely alcohol at parties especially
in Australia but I just I just veered away from it firstly because I I heard that you
know you could ruin your life and you see examples of it and. I had this ability that
to learn from other people’s mistakes and yes I make my own mistakes. But that was one
that I could I just knew I didn’t want to go down that path
at an early age. I like to have fun. I liked, in Australia
it’s really rare to like want to dance and I love to dance when I was a teenage boy which
is like no not cool in Australia but i did that and I had fun. So I don’t know maybe
I didn’t need that other outlet. I wasn’t searching for any outside source to give me
this kind of high. I mean when I started out on this path of being a musician and even
early on in my teenage family life when when I was still at home with my parents or my
mom, she was a single mom by the time I was a teenager, we were broke and the idea that
people are forking out money to have stuff that was
just like you know it’s extracurricular fun or you know “fun.” Going down that path
and getting to the point I am it’s not like you know I don’t want to feel like I’m judging
anyone else but for me it worked out and I feel like. I like the fact that I can have
fun and I know it’s all it’s all real it’s all in my head comes for creativity, comes
from loving friends instead of being something that’s uh enhanced you know performance-enhancing,
drugs you know and life enhancing drugs. Like to me it’s like you should live your life
in a way that you feel like it’s enhanced to it’s part to extreme without without
you know any sort of help from from substances You know I’ve got a loving wife who I know
loves me and I feel good about that and and I’ve
got a son. He loves me too and all this stuff that’s real and connection and to me that
that’s what’s worked out and I couldn’t see it any other way. I don’t know any other way
so I can’t I can’t compare. But for me it’s good.
My name’s Lee Colter and my natural high is definitely sharing songs.

Author Since: Mar 11, 2019

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