Learn to paint Hair in Acrylic Paint for Beginning Artists #bigartquest

Hey everybody, it’s Cinnamon Cooney, and I’m excited to bring to you today, the story of hair, I’m gonna show you how… as a beginner or new painter, hair is actually not that challenging to paint. I have three examples, of blonde long and straight, brunette long and curly, and natural and fabulous hair here, that I’m gonna break down and make easy, but I’m also gonna help you understand how to go on and paint that in your own life. These are simple techniques, simple ideas, all you need to do is grab your paint, your brushes and come back and meet me at the easel right now, and we’re gonna get started, and make this easy This is part one of a two-part series Come on let’s go So, I think what is a challenge for people with hair, is more of a mental block, than an actual physical ability block. Everything that we’re painting whether it’s rocks, or water, or smoke, or hair… is just a matter of finding line, and form, and value and hue… and so in this, I’m gonna break down the process by which we find those things… I’m gonna show you these different varieties of hair… I have in my hand, some tool of success… tools of success in hair painting are good brushes, that give you fine details and allow you a lot of control the fluidity of your paint, in other words how nicely does it flow off the brush, how much pigment it has and so those things aren’t fighting you in your journey Let’s get started and look at the pallette that we have out. So, for these three colors of hair, I have out Titanium White, Yelow Ochre, Burnt Siennt, Mars Black, Indian Yellow… you could use Australian Sienna, Cad Yellow Medium, and Cad Red light, Pthalo Blue, and Glazing Liquid… that’s one way I’m gonna be thinning and improving the flow of my paint another is going to be water. I have water in a spray bottle that’s gonna be helping me and water in a cup and here’s the Glazing Liquid, so these are the things i’m gonna be using… I’m gonna be starting with fair hair first… and then we’ll move onto our next hairs. So, I’m gonna begin, with this really nice Number 4 Bright, it’s a synthetic filament, it’s gonna work really easily for me, and I’m gonna make my first value and what I’m doing here, I like to begin with its darkest value, and build up from there. So, I’m gonna take a little of my black, over to my Yellow Ochre and if you get too much black, it’s gonna over darken it, see I’m offloading … wiping off I want it to be dark but I still want it to feel uh… very gold so that’s the Mars Black, to the Yellow Oxide/Yellow Ochre and when I have a grayed yallow, I’m gonna take that over to her head, and I”m going to paint in the form That’s kind of the basic body and outline of the hair that I’m dealing with… you can see that I’m pulling it away from the head, I’m giving her a healthy head of hair, lots of hair, like she’s got extensions and I’m going to pull this down… I’m gonna let this flow down her back, so this is gonna be long, and fairly straight hair. .. and I’ll need to pull in the hairline around… I’m gonna pull it back behind the ear and I’m gonna watch the hairline. Hairlines curve a lot of different ways… they say a lot about character and personality in portrait drawings sometimes what you’re painting is shadows and hairlines more than you know so pay attention to your subject’s hairline I’m gonna do a nice curved hairline here and then I might pull a little of it down along the temple and into the face to just do a little tendril right there so we know something about what’s going on here this is my first layer I’m doing my first layer, I’m doing my lowlight If you’re thinking in terms of hair, this is like a lowlight this is the deepest value of the hair even though this hair is gonna be quite light, right, the lowlight is this black and yellow ochre There are so many formulas for hair Really with hair, it’s about getting the shape and body in the way you want it… now, as I’m tapering down as hair tapers down, it becomes finer at the ends doesn’t it … think about your own hair it’s not as thick at these ends, as it is up here so if you were to just always paint it the same, you would want to be saying it was blunt cut and it was held thick and you’d really have to pay attention to that just to make it feel real now in this particular case, we’re giving her a very natural edge long hair so we’re letting it tendril out and we’re gonna say some of it maybe falls in front of her shoulder here I’m painting that in…it isn’t particularly hard use your references, and you’ll actually start to see you’re looking for the shadows… you’re not painting individual hairs… you’re painting the value so now that we have that, happening like that, I’m gonna rinse out my brush and I’m actually gonna work into a smaller brush I’m gonna start really trying to get control by the size of my brush, this happens to be a Number 1 Bright, and so it’s got a lot of detail to it so when I take the white over here, and I start lightening and adding a little more gold into it see, how I’m adding a little more of the gold into this color you can have a lot of control now, in hair, what you’re gonna be looking at in your photographs, your references, whether you’re painting from imagination you’re going to be imagining the light source is catching it, some of the hair is gonna be highlighted, some of it’s gonna be in shadow and that’s when you can start to tell a story about how the hair works I’m gonna say, that there’s kinda a hunk of hair that’s pulling forward here, and coming down, pulling out and maybe coming around. This is going to be a little lighter, than the hair next to it I’m gonna be following the direction of the hair This isn’t that different than fur is it? it isn’t, pulling this here, saying, all right this is traveling down this way maybe this tendril will come up and blend into the one next to it, so now this now seems like it’s lower or it’s rolled into the hair that’s what we’re trying to do following the hairline already, it’s starting to fashion in this hair not even using a reference here just painting what I’ve put in Gonna add a little highlight to the outside edge here, but I’m gonna leave it a little bit deep now for sure, I know I’m gonna want it to be a little lighter right here at the hairline pulling Yellow Ochre, we’re really pulling an ashy blonde in easily, I might even take one of these light hairs, out, see how it pulls away? starts to create a softness so the white and the Yellow Ochre mixed into our base our master color, I’m gonna put a bit more of a highlight right here where you might see a reflection, her hair’s shiny pulling it around now, for the next layer, once you have this first layer in once you’re feeling confident for that third and final layer, it’s gonna be important that this be dry, so you can really really create details so let’s dry this now, the next part, and the part where it’s all gonna come together, is gonna be in your detail brush and, I want to come over here and talk to you a little bit about detail brushes so I have examples of small little detail brushes over here right, and if you see these, some of these are very inexpensive, some of these are high precision quality miniature brushes, what you’re gonna notice is they all have in common, is they give me the ability to work a fine controlled point I have heavy bodied paint here, so my challenge is really going to be how to get enough fluidity coming off the brush and still maintain that point and if’s not really about having the most expensive brush in the world… it’s finding a well made precision brush I’m gonna keep adding a lot of white to this mixture that I had going over here, so I’m getting quite a light, light color and I’ll use my bigger brush to sort of build up a body of that, right, I want to have a few little values in there, and I’ve got a lot of paint that way I’m not working that hard I’m gonna add a little mist so I’m increasing the fluidity with water and I’m gonna use this brush here, this is like a Number 0, detail brushes are gonna be in sizes like 0, 2, ya know, this one is 2/0, you’ll see them sometimes fractionalized, like right here 10/0 , you’re looking for miniature brushes I’m gonna load this brush up, see I’m rolling it in the paint I’m swirling it around I don’t want to pull it all up into the ferule, at all I want a bead, almost at the tip of the brush you may need to improve the fluidity like you see I’m doing here, like you see how smooth and fluid the pait is got a bead I’m gonna come here, and I’m gonna start with very finely this fine pressure what happens to people, is that they think that they can’t make fine lines,, which is not true, they can they’re only struggling because either their paint is non-responsive the brush is not well engineered enough or their pressure’s too hard and I’m making little lines these are coming along with the hair I’ve already squeezed in, I’m gonna do an interesting thing here, I’m gonna tuck some hair behind this hunk of hair, can you see how I’ve done that? I’ve let that shadow exist, so that I can say this is coming forward this is a bit like a Zen tangle, if you’ve ever done Zen tangling hair reminds me of that and it’s about slowing down and being patient ya know, just enjoying the process that you have of telling this little story, and allowing those lights and darks to remain ya know, the more you slow down and you pay attention to what you’re seeing … and the lights and darks the more realism is gonna happen for you that may not be what you’re going for right, and if it’s not hat’s okay, but if it is… you’re gonna want to really observe your reference photo and respect all of, the lights and darks that you’re seeing in it when you’re trying to paint that I’m right now trying to create a narrative of a flow of hair this is pretty styled hair that she has here ya know, it’s smooth it’s… we don’t necessarily have a lot of fly-aways right and so, I’m trying to reflect that in this story let’s bring this around and you can see how where I’m picking my highlights is starting to create dimensionality I’m rolling, I do this thing, I go swirly, swirly, swirly, swirl I roll it off, see the roll, and I load the edge of the brush there light pressure, lots of pigment, here we go just a simple little ash hair that she has, just an easy ash blonde super, super fun super , super easy light hairs… now, you can be very interesting taking some of these fine hairs and pulling them away from the body of the hair it’s going to give it even sometimes some more feeling so you can see the fluttering there is incredibly helpful here we go let’s paint our next color of hair very similar process, that we’re about to go through so I’m going to do a brunette hair, and I’m gonna show you how I find my form, the outline… the shape of the hair, and mine’s kinda like, whooo, ya know and the highlights, the lowlights, the textures and how I pull those together to create a hairstyle so I’m gonna pull out my Number 4 Bright again, and I’m gonna mix up my base color so we’re gonna make a nice brunette here I’m going to start by adding a little Pthalo Blue to my Burnt Sienna you could add black too, to darken it I just like the richness that the Pthalo Blue creates and I’m going to find how to make, kind of a curly hair, I get asked a lot about curly hair, how do I do curly hair… so the first thing I like to do, is look at the shape of somebody’s curly hair, what’s the outer shape, you don’t want to give somebody a helmet that’s not really helpful, they’re not gonna appreciate it that their hair’s not gonna be fierce so, you’re looking for the basic outer shape of this hair that they have, usually curly hair is fuller, ya know, it has a lot of energy and so I ilke to put those those first layers in … in this particular case, I’m gonna give her a little fringe and I’m going to curl a little hair around the front just filling in that basic shape the bob would be the same thing, what am I looking for the shape of the hair find your shape, if you’re experimenting, or making up hair from your head, just try to,, ya know recognize the value and form have meaning I’m just trying to make sure that I have room to put in the curl texture that this brunette here might, ya know have and that will be done a lot with, a detail brush in just a second, once I get the base … basis of her hair in a lot of people don’t know that many browns tend to run a little bit transparent, and the less expensive that your paint gets, that can happen so just know that to get depth, you might need to have a couple colors, a couple of things happening so you can express what you’re thinking I’m gonna get down into my detail now, I change out brushes because it can be a lot of work right, and then you don’t have… and you have to like overpaint so let’s start putting in some personality using this nice detail brush to our hairs, maybe there’s a curl heading up this way let’s start making this hair be unruly this is always really fun for me, Just we’re gonna give her some really, really curly, delightfully fun hair …here, and uh… We always want different hair than what we have it’s so interesting I think, as women if you have straight hair, you want curly hair and sometimes if you have curly hair you want straight hair always… the hair is greener on the other side nowadays, literally greener gonna curl … I find with curling hair it’s important to break lines, even if you work very hard on drawing, just to show the wild and free-ness of the hair It’s gonna be really critical that I find highlights midtones, and values so this seems like rich healthy hair hair is never just brown and then lightened brown, and darkened brown it’s got all kinds of character and personality in it So, I’m gonna come in with a little of my Cad Red and my brown here and I’m going to just, make sure there are a couple of places I’m, I’m adding that to the hair, so there’s sort of a rich, warm value to it and I’m trying to pay attention to the curls I’ve already put it… to the values I’ve already put in ya know, you can see how it’s starting to pull together I could have gone just as easily in and changed the values with Ochre what you’re looking for when you’re looking at the hair is it warm, is it cool… do you see in the light… look for, in the light, what are the reflections do the reflections read blue… do they read green and do they read red… um, you can actually really see that on well lit hair and you’re gonna notice that hair is generally unless it’s just been really worked in a one-batch dye system, weathering, and other things are going to give it lots of character… so you can already see that her hair is starting to get some volume, and some personality Ya know what I’d say is, maybe we don’t even have some of the dark values that we need but I’m gonna come get my highlight, and see if I need to come back with dark values I’m gonna use the Indian Yellow here, I could have used the Cad Yellow just as easily Oh there we go… I’m looking for something just kind of warmer… add a little white to it and I’m gonna come at the ends of the hair a bit there on the bangs, maybe a little of it coming off… here … and I’m gonna be looking to create, ya know highlights, that I’m feeling, that I’m liking just curl, just wildness ya know when hair is short, ya know you’re looking for one set of things and when it’s long, you’re looking for another set of things and again, I’m feeling like, what I might do is come back with a very deep value in this hair so I’ve got that, there, and you’re starting to feel the texture let’s come back with a very deep value, let’s … we can come back with either a lot of the blue in our brown, or black in our brown whatever you want to deepen with but I’m going to try to make sure that there’s some areas where there’s some value and there’ some depth like, around this ear help define those curls by shadow right, help define that space by shadow and that’s how you handle just an incredibly wild mass of hair, just try to find your values look for your shadows, look for your highlights it can be more challenging for people, because there’s just less to anchor your mind… but you know, go for it… and don’t ya know, don’t shy away from ya know, some of those highlights, right, the bits of suntouched hair and things that can let you really create some character within the hair Ya know, even just the pure pigment, even just the Burnt Sienna itself is gonna pop ya know, get in there with that detail brush that’s a little light, let’s get some of the brown on it there we go, we want it to be brown there we go see how the detail brush helps you find your curl starting to find that body and that curl to the story maybe tell some actual curls in there and we’re building it up, so there’s a little more work there, a little bit more going on but we’re still worrying about fluidity highlights, lowlights, those things just creating those little curves like these little “S” curves so see, we’ve got some stuff afoot don’t we all right when you get that to a place that you’re feeling like, “Oh, I really like the character and the personality that I’m seeing in that hair” I like the color and the value, that’s when you can ya know, wrap that up that’s what you’re trying to do, is create that sense of movement, and line, and form so let’s get right into our next fabulous head of hair I’m gonna go a little crazy with this one I’m gonna have a little fun with this one… it’s gonna be based on some uh… definite reference photos I got super inspired by, and I’ve been asked for this quite a lot So let’s go in, and get our base, right which is gonna be quite deep I get asked a lot, if I will paint natural hair and afro hair and, I am really excited… I just took a little bit of Burnt Sienna into this… … excited to show you this Because what I think happens to people … I’m gonna first paint in her head, she’s got a really good head shape … is they tend to paint, like, a beach ball, they just get stuck in the shape of the hair and don’t sit in life a little bit, and observe and if you observe somebody that has really fierce fabulous hair… you’re gonna watch it and there is so much movement and so much going on and there’s actually quite a lot to paint, so i’m gonna try to get into that and once I get the basis in, and I’m gonna move to my smaller brush because I want a lot of control over the personality …. I’m gonna be working the hair out and personality from here so, once I have… this is my base color, and there’s gonna be a lot going on we’re gonna come out and I want you to be thinking movement…right this is somebody who’s really really thought about this I’m actually thinking about all the things I’ve ever seen and just have made me smile you’re gonna be living here first in your highlights and your forms… and getting your base shape in and then you’re gonna be living in your detail brush and be like, that’s okay, I don’t mind and I’m going to want to pull this around hair, says so much about our character and our story and just in life doesn’t it, when you see somebody and their hair, you see a lot about them adding the blue in, and the black and I might grab a little brown I’m gonna want to make sure that this feels, that the deepest color feels quite thick and quite dense okay quite thick and quite dense just keep going around now, again, all hair has tones, colors, highlights undervalues, I’m just showing you one example of one way that you can do this you might be like no, I want to undervalue purple or I want an undervalue of silver and blue that’s all acceptable … I’m just asking you to be present and just observe all right, when you have a shape that you’re like, “Oh, I really like that” then you can begin thinking about the hair value, and I think in this case I’m tempted to get into my Indian Yellow, and my Brown and see if I can work here the edge is a nice little value coming down… I’m still working while the black is still here, this is something I want to be subtle right, I’m not trying to create a yellow halo that would be weird, and people would ask me what I was thinking I’m trying to say, that here is on the edges of the hair is a lightness, a lightening… and generally it will be a lot of times, like warm … it’s gonna be warm not cool on this one, so I’m getting a little more brown gonna be quite warm and I’m just using my detail brush follow my hairline around warm not cool right here on the edge … warm not cool Now if you were trying to say very cool hair, you might highlight with like, blues and blacks and whites right now, we’re just trying to say warm not cool and this, like all your other hair, is gonna really come together at your detail now I’m actually gonna leave this bottom part here… a little bit darker I’m going to add these little sort of values This is the edges of the hair at the ends lightening up a bit so, there’s this beautiful root lighting that is happening I’m kinda softening this it looks like it was too much for what that was Now I’m gonna be a little crazy, I’m gonna be a little risky I’m gonna be a little kinda like almost orange, I’m gonna do my Cad Red and Yellow kinda risky but we’re gonna say that ya know, there’s a lot of … all right… So now we’re gonna start really adding this so we’re gonna say that this lady, she is … she’s outdoorsy… she’s out a lot so the edges of her hair lighten quite a lot from the sun right We could do gold or yellow, we could do Ochre that’s really up to you I am trying to create just a sense of movement and regency here, it’s important. Hair is important and this isn’t quick work, this detail work… I think, one of the big mistakes to make in hair… is just to rush through it I’m working on my fluidity here I’m not worried that the black is picking up into my brush because I’m just trying to create this sense of sunlight lightening the hair so whenever you highlight hair, whenever you lighten hair, ya know, you’ll get the sense that the undercoats are red, or … because as it bleaches out, it will lighten to that undervalue, right… so, her undervalue as she’s been out in the sun, is red get more into the red Can you start to feel her fierceness? I want to know if you can You can see I’m pulling the brush, keeping this on the edge, I’m just working… this is a Number 0 Detail… this one isn’t even expensive all right, just pulling along, little curly, curly story here isn’t it? All the sudden you’re really feeling it How I got this, is I paid attention to the values of the hair the form and the line Right? I know I’m not gonna pull a lot of this highlighting down here, because this would be cut more often or shaped more often… so that’s how I’m telling that story Just… tell the story of your figure If it’s a self-portrait, tell the story of yourself whoever they are, you’re still a story teller and I think we know something about these three women, that we didn’t know at the beginning of our journey, didn’t we? This is true of men’s hair It doesn’t really change when you’re looking through hair for reference look for these things: what’s the form? what are the values? What are the hues? … What’s the line? If you hold those things, you can paint anything You don’t have to be overwhelmed by anything just a little bit here, but not a lot Not a lot, right… you can ya know if you need a little more of the Yellow because you want to pick just a couple of areas to… … you can do that, you can just play, play, play … no end to the playing, I love it actually, I’m happy with that I feel like that’s fantastic and fierce Whew, so I hope you enjoyed these really fast looks at hair, about curl…about color…and about the way we tell a hair story and I hope it wasn’t too hair raising for you I can’t wait to see you for part 2, we’re gonna cover red hair, gray hair, and fantasy colored hair You guys be good to yourselves… keep arting Be brave in your creative decisions in your life and I want to see you at the easel really soon Bye Bye (CLOSING MUSIC)

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