Kindle vs paper books

– You might know this about
me from earlier videos, but I love a good Kindle.
Especially a new one. – What she means to say is that she likes spending money on gadgets that
clever marketing campaigns have convinced her she needs. – No, I just like buying
high-quality items that I know I’m going to
get a lot of value out of, like this new Kindle Oasis. – Wait, wasn’t the
Kindle Oasis new in 2016? – No, this is the new-new Kindle Oasis, and it’s even better for reading books. – You know what’s really
good for reading books? Books. (energetic music) – Amazon launched this
Kindle Oasis last fall, and it replaced the previous Kindle Oasis. – Ah, yeah, I remember now. That was the first Kindle Oasis, and it wasn’t waterproof. – Well, surprise! This
one is finally waterproof. It also cost 249 dollars,
which is 50 dollars less than the original Oasis. – [Glasses Lauren] That’s still
a lot of money for a Kindle. – Let me guess. This is
the part where you say, the Kindle Paperwhite
is the best Kindle ever. – No, actually. I’ve turned a new leaf. I’m off Twitter, I’m only checking Facebook once a day, and
I’m reading real books, real, paper books.
– Uh-huh. So, basically, you’re trying to go back to living in 2008. – Sometimes I think that wouldn’t
be such a terrible thing. – [Lauren] Now this new Kindle
Oasis has the brightest, highest-resolution display of any Kindle. – And I bet you can
barely see the difference. – No, I mean, this actually matters when you’re in a dark environment and you’re just trying to
see what’s on the page. – Right, which is why
I have this book lamp. Just clip it on and fire it up. – Okay, that is the nerdiest thing I’ve ever seen you do. Did you carry that here
in your knitting bag? Yeah, okay. Also, this is square-shaped, and it’s weighted in such a way that it’s really easy to hold in one hand. – [Glasses Lauren] What does it matter that it’s square-shaped? – Okay, try holding that in one hand. Comfortably. For an extended period of time. – Okay, that’s probably
one of the only things the Kindle is good for. – [Lauren] It has these
page turn buttons here. – Who needs buttons to turn a page? – And like other Kindles,
it has a touchscreen, so you can just navigate through chapters by tapping on it, or you can even press on a word to get its definition. – So if you’re lazy, or you like skipping entire chapters of books, then that’s the product for you, is what you’re saying. – Also, it’s battery life is excellent. If you read for about a half hour a day, with the screen set to 40%
of its maximum brightness, you should get about six weeks of battery life out of this. – You know how long this thing lasts? Unless there’s a fire, or a flood, or a nuclear event? Forever. It lasts forever, doesn’t
need to be charged, you just pick it up, and you read it. – Speaking of floods, this is the first Kindle that’s waterproof. – Finally. I mean, Amazon
made a virtual assistant that infiltrated everybody’s homes before it managed to
make a waterproof Kindle. – Mm-hm. Yeah. So you can
bring this in the tub, or the pool, or even the ocean, and not worry that if you drop it in, you’re going to break it. If you drop that book
in the tub, it’s ruined. – That’s not true. I mean, you’d have to shake it out a bit, and let it air dry, and it’d probably be pretty wrinkled, but it’s readable. It’s totally fine. It’s fine. – And this Kindle supports Audible, so you can pair it with
Bluetooth headphones, and have your books read aloud to you. – Oh for (bleep) sake,
just get a tablet, then. Look, I know people
really like their Kindles, and they’re great for some things, but I just prefer actual books. I dog-ear pages, you know, and I love when you can see what
someone else is reading, and not just a leather-bound gadget. That moment when you’re on the train, and you look across the aisle, and your eyes meet across
the top of the page. – You sound like an
unhinged Craigslist ad. – Okay, well, look. People
don’t collect Kindles. They collect books. They don’t buy Kindle cases,
they invest in bookcases. And when I’m done, I can share these books with all of my friends, which
is more than you can do, because of DRM. – Yeah, but the same modern technology means that I have access to
all the same books that you do, but in seconds, not days. Also, when I go on vacation, my carry-on bag is a
lot lighter than yours. – I don’t mind slow shipping. I mean, with Amazon Prime, it’s usually more like a couple days and these arrive. – Wait, so you’re ordering all of your books off of Amazon? – No. I mean, some of them. A lot, most of them. – So we’re both just giving all of our money to Amazon. – Did I mention that
I only buy used books? – This one is waterproof. It’s own, it’s, fuck. Oops. – [Man] That was good. – I forgot what I was gonna
say because I improvised. (man laughs) – Should we do that over again? – [Man] Let’s do it one more time.

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  1. Go to small, independent book stores. They are the best places to buy books Farley's in New Hope, Pennsylvania is my favorite. I love that they have been in business for over 50 years and that they provide jobs for members of my community. They pay taxes to the state and locality which is good for New Hope . Their employees are very knowledgeable about books, especially small presses and publishers. One of their employees recently had his first novel published. I love spending hours perusing the selections on their shelves. Most of all, Farley's is guarded by a very old and friendly cat named Butter. Can't get all that from Kindle, Amazon, or Barnes and Noble.

  2. I love paper books so much, the smell, the physical experience of actually flipping the pages, plus I can show off my collections a little whenever people visit my home. But I feel like I should contribute more to reducing papers so I use e-books now :/ I'll get used to it sooner or later

  3. I twitch when something makes me stressed or gives me anxiety.

    My ankle twitched while watching this.

    Of course that could also just be the impending terror and stress of going back to school on Monday-it’s currently Saturday.

  4. This substantial diffraction between the kindle and a paper book is a evolving relation. Both of these are a excellent option to read but from my honest option , I would pick a prosperous kindle. Due to multiple aspects that meddlesome what book you read such as meticulous comments and length of time that can assist the reader to not make a erroneous move on a book before purchase.

  5. I have both books and a kindle and I love and enjoy them both! Some books I want to buy to have the book in my hands and some I have bought on my kindle gasp I have even read a book on kindle then bought the actual book because I love it so much. Why can't we all get along lol!

  6. I still like paperbacks. It feels more natural to hold rather than a kindle and as a person who uses technology most of their day, paper books are one way to reduce your time using technology.

  7. The light from a device is just annoying …and yes plastic and runs out of battery and can be broken easily ….i love actual books always will and if i throw it at a person with a kindle …it wont break but their face will 📓📕📘📗📙📚

  8. I use my phone. And I love it. I don't miss books at all. I don't love the smell. They're heavy and take up a lot of room. And I don't need an expensive version of the Kindle. I have the app on my phone. Win!

  9. Honestly I prefer more of a balance of both. Like physical books cost more than ebooks and as some have said below, you can pirate books lol. But I also enjoy reading physical books but the truth is just that the kindle is much more convenient. I own physical copies of books that really intrigue me, even if I’ve read the digital version, if I really enjoy and love the book I buy the physical thing because I love hoarding books. It’s just a balance of both.

  10. Paper books are better you don’t have to worry about braking it and you don’t have to change or look at the screen but at paper no headaches

  11. Listen, if you like reading lots of books and travel a lot, there is absolutely no comparison. The Kindle wins hands down. It's one thing, it's light, and can hold thousands of books that would … weigh your pack down considerably otherwise. It's not the same no but I mean honestly I read my Kindle at home too so … you can see what side of the argument I am on. When they come out with a way to give texture to pages and recreate the smell of actual books then it will be fully caught up. But honestly, I think I read more productively on a Kindle than I do normal books, having read all the Game of Thrones books and Lord of the Rings among other things

  12. People always talk about the convenience of e-readers, but the main thing is Kindles simply offer a better reading surface. Perfectly backlit, large, clear font, no shadows. It's also nice turning off page numbers so you're just immersed in the book and have no idea how far in you are. I forget I'm even reading from a device.

    I feel most 'benefits' of paperbacks come down to one thing: 'I love people seeing books on my shelf!'

  13. I keep moving and that's the reason why I haven't read in years. Bought a Kindle and I started reading again. Oh, and I read free PDFs so I got my money worth of it after reading 3 books.

  14. I like my kindle, I also love books. I barely get books sometimes unless its going to a library and there isn't much where I am usually. I got my kindle yesterday for ten dollars though. Its a 2nd generations though I think. It still makes me happy with both of them. So I am happy with either of them, they have good things for either of them <3

  15. I have a kindle but I really prefer books 📖 their the best and honestly books are more interesting it keeps you more thrilled 😁 but kindles are boring

  16. Because of the rapid develpment of communication network,the number of smartphone users in china has grown with surprising rapidity.whch has significantly changed the way many people read.Nowadys they often read news and articales on smartphone instead of buying tradition newspaper and periodicals .The development of numerous mobile apps has enables people to read noves and other forms of literary works on their mobile phones .therefore ,the sales of paper books has been affected .But surveys show that smartphone reading market has grown steadily ,over half of aduit still enjoy reading paper books.

  17. Guys, I bought a kindle last year(and sold it recently) and I mainly used it to read books in foreign languages (French and spanish)

    The only good reasons to get a kindle would be
    1)learn languages (integrated dictionary and translator)

    2) To safe money and space

    3) Buy and read just a click away.
    >as u might struggle to find new and rare books

    Apart from that a normal book is just perfect 👍

  18. I've owned an e-reader for about 10 years now. I got one of the first Kindles which lasted me a good 5 years, then switched to Kobo Glo (another 4 years) and now I've had my Kobo Clara for a year. It's been a lifesaver for me because of a multitude of reasons. I do prefer physical books when it comes to poetry though, but that's mostly because it's harder to transfer poetry into an ebook stylistically.

  19. We should use kindles because they are lighter, easy to use but has a battery life which is the downside. However we should keep the paper books because of the amount of trees we cut down for the paper in the books, we can’t just burn it and let that paper go to waste. If all electricity goes out, we are able to use the paper books!

    I like the smell of the paper though. Smells nice.

  20. I like both but prefer kindle. When I get rich I'll buy all my 90+ books on my kindle just to look at them and lend.

  21. This was great and pretty funny. I've just got a kindle…. But I still like real pages….. and I also like this new Kindle….. The lighted page feature is just brilliant.

  22. I use a Kindle and iPad for MOST of my books. I always buy a hardcopy of my favorite books to add to my collection though. So I essentially sometimes buy the same books twice. Example: Read "The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck" by Mark Manson on my iPad, then bought a hard copy to write my notes and highlight parts on before adding to my collection.

    I like to imagine passing down my collection to my children someday and perhaps they will find more interest in reading from them as a result.

  23. I Actually like both. I usually read 1 book on kindle and another real book but honestly Books are amazing but it’s a lot to worry about! Damage is BIGG and books are super pricey you can Pay monthly and read THOUSANDS of books.! kindle is just super easy and convenient!!

  24. As someone who isn't much of a skilled reader, I like the feeling of flipping through the very last pages of a book when finishing it. I can see the appeal of using a Kindle though

  25. kindle isn't a book. u need to buy books on kindle. but u don't need to buy letters in books. and kindle is expensive as compared to books. but yeah heavy book user have advantage in kindle over books.

  26. $250 for a Kindle? That's a lot of books!

    Also let's not forget that YOU ACTIALLY OWN a book. Anything digital can be taken away if the publisher decides to remove it kinda like downloaded music or console games.

  27. I am team both
    I got my own first Kindle Paperwhite and I realize I do read a lot faster than when I have a physical book.

  28. I love my kindle for the sole reason I can switch between books on the go – without having to take a dozen books with me
    Be honest – when you watch Netflix half the time you even switch between movies or series
    well that's the book equivalent of it
    One thing though – the smell of new book …for years I have forgotten how good it feels

  29. I love both Kindle ebooks AND physical books. They both have their pros and cons. Plus ebooks are great for disabled readers, with the text and brightness feature and are super lightweight! :3

  30. It’s not true that one can get an e-book version of any paper book. The numbers differ vastly, in favor of paper books.

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