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you big you make excuses oh I shouldn't put these jeans in the dryer she's not is this I can say this because I actually most of my life was spent overweight I recently lost 70 pounds thank you thank you thank you a lot of people ask how did you do it for starters I lost my EBT Oh god is good yeah now real talk like when I had a BT I felt like a boss felt like a true millionaire you know just throw it in the bag name-brand everything you know Keebler pepperidge farm the best go away crap Kellogg now it's just great value the Kroger you know I'm much more humble on my approach now right but I want to give a big shout out to there's a company here that gives up gives back there from lanthum P is on point it's called Costco yeah they have a free lunch program every day every day look you game no you do got it like you got to work for it take notes it's a three-step process all right step one humiliation okay now I mean ameliorating it is to circle Costco for 45 minutes waiting for a half of a chicken nugget how poor are you you know step two is impersonation you got to go back because you still hungry that happen egga didn't do nothing now you got to go back you got character so you know to me you got to go ahead and put on your hoodie do a little walk put up and you're back can I can I have another one yes you're making that family merciful for my grandma yes the Filipino lady from the back you happened to your Juilliard acting skills acting like you never had this before oh my god well just makes the grape juice I must have another right you working hard now step three this is where it counts that intimidation all right it's gonna be down to that last piece of a chimichanga all right it's gonna be you and now old lady Gladys sorry she's your elder but you were there first you know you reach out your arm she reaches ours and they you choker [Applause]

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