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I always knew what looks beautiful to me the hard part was to create something that would ignite the same feelings I think it was my first chair design I just tried to make the image in my head a reality then it all came together I use nature and most common and ordinary objects as inspiration I can see a broken concrete pipe beside the road and I can think to myself this would be a really great bottle opener I find something extraordinary charm ink in geometric shapes something I can't really describe it is all about clean lines and I think the concepts speak for itself sometimes my designs are seen as uncomfortable or weak but that is exactly the feeling I want to create in people when they see my piece for the first time people ask me why would I think it has one minute not all the wood but most of which I use and there is aluminum perfect contrary to the wood something man-made something called something that enriches the qualities of the wood it is a beautiful feeling to create a piece of furniture with your hands piece that can be in one's home for generations hopefully somebody someday will have the same feeling that I had when it was finished long after I'm gone

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