Jared Singer – “Love”

Love can only be described
the way it is lived, in parts, hoping that the whole makes sense
even though we know none of the pieces do. Love 1a: Love is a sandwich. Everything we do can be reduced
to the layering on of parts, to hoping that we get the order right. Love is a sandwich,
both are delicate tiny things that didn’t exist before we created them. We put both in our mouths. Love 1b: I fuck like a hurricane! Which is to say nothing
of its sudden onset or its volume, only, only that it takes
an entire team of scientists to predict when it will happen. I fuck like a tornado. Which is to say, in here,
we will be safe, but around us, things will be destroyed by our excess. And I promise, baby, I promise
that we will not end up in the same place that we started. Love 1c: If there is anything more
like the way I fall in love than children’s cartoons, I haven’t found it yet. There are eight women who say
that I am the ideal man, that anyone would be lucky to have me. I have asked three of them out. They all said no. We still hang out,
but, boy, it gets awkward sometimes. If there is anything more like a tunnel,
drawn onto a wall than this, I haven’t found it yet. Love 2: Love is the only thing
that all of the songs are right about. Love is all that you need. Love is a cold and broken hallelujah. Love 3: The heart
is a terrible metaphor for love. Please, stop using it. Love is not a muscle. It cannot atrophy from lack of use. Love is an organ. It can always sneak up on you. The lungs are a much better
metaphor for love. Please always use them. The inhale is that moment
of excitement we feel when we meet someone special, and the exhale is that moment of hate
we all fear we will feel if this does not work. But that moment between breaths when you are all potential, that is love. Love is… (inhaling and exhaling deeply) (exhales) (cheers and applause)

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  1. This guys "take a shower" got me through my mother's death and everytime i see a notification that something else has gone up it makes my little heart so happy ❤

  2. I don't think I have heard a poem by Jared that I didn't like. I may not relate to every single one of them, but the way he presents them makes me feel like I understand exactly what he means.

  3. His poetry is so heartfelt- “take a shower” comforted me many times, I related to it so much, and this is just as great- if you’re reading this Jared thank you so much

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