Jan Józef Lipski – Intelligentsia fails to support the workers (110/215)

Everyone knows that basically what was happening there was that the intelligentsia didn’t support this movement, and that is a painful memory for both the workers and the intelligentsia. There must have been individual people who took to the streets alongside the workers but it’s not even worth thinking about how many people there were who did that. What does matter, however, is that the intelligentsia didn’t take part in this movement. The students simply locked themselves away in their halls of residence. Perhaps they felt resentful towards the workers for not supporting them in ’68, but the fact was that they didn’t join the protest. There was very little reaction to this and I have to say that I tried something and I imagine if, for example, Jacek Kuroń had not been in prison, with his talents as an activist and his energy which was far greater than mine, perhaps he could have put something together. Don’t forget that a great many people were still locked up at that time following the events of March. I remember that I tried to arrange something, a letter from intellectuals but this was a disaster from the start. I came to Mrs Maria Ossowska… said: Well, you know we don’t really know what’s going on but we should find out soon because Jurek Kreczmar has just arrived from the coast. He was directing something there and so he was allowed to leave and now he’s come back so we’ll find out what’s happening from him’. This was dreadful because Mr Jurek Kreczmar had been shut up in the theatre all the time and hadn’t gone out onto the street just in case so he’d only seen the odd thing through the window which in no way corresponded to what was really happening out there. He didn’t see the bodies, the blood, the mass demonstrations, he only saw a few youths who’d been pelting the odd police patrol with stones being threatened by the policemen, and that was all he’d seen. And Mrs Maria Ossowska said, ‘Well, we need more than that. Perhaps we’ll find out more but he’s the only witness who saw anything’. I don’t want to cast any aspersions on Mr Kreczmar, he acted in good faith, but he could only tell us what he had seen.

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