Interview with an Artist: Sue Gardner

I’ve be painting for about seven years I
should say. As a child I wanted to be an artist, but you know when you get a
bit older you think, well that’s not practical so do something else. And also you find you you’re told that you can’t make money as an artist. That was my day job
unfortunately I became ill and then I could no longer do the dog grooming, I couldn’t work on the shop floor so I ended up working from home so that’s why I had spare time, so I ended up painting in between phone calls the materials I used are oil paints and I paint on stretched canvas. I’d always wanted to try oils and I did try oils one time
and it was just awful I just couldn’t do anything, but then I persevered with oils and found I did really really appreciate the colours and the richness, and the way you could move the paint around. I work from photographs
and most of the time just to get the basic outline form of the animals and
just go straight in with quite a long brush with a small filbert with a long handle, and I’ll just put the points and measure out my design, and then straight in with the background and the shadow big shapes first. I try and get
the eyes in quite soon because they’re company while I’m painting. Sounds a
bit strange but I like to have the faces there and then I can concentrate on
anything else. The original stag piece that was for
Wraptious with the green background took me about an hour. I just suddenly had this idea and I was like right! And I did it and painted it very
quickly, then I went over it again the next day just finished him off. It was
the first wildlife piece I’d ever painted and I actually sold him the same day! And I was like what?! Then he became the you know one of the Wraptious designs that was like really unusual. But he was just a quick piece you know, quite a big piece, he was 70 by 80 the original piece, but he didn’t take very long at all because the idea was really strong. I’ve always been a bit colour mad and I’ve got
Synesthesia, so you know from an early childhood words colours and numbers – it’s all interchangeable. I was telling someone else about it yesterday actually, and they were like ‘maybe that’s where you get colour ideas
from.’ I don’t think it is, but I think it gives you a good colour sense because you are always thinking in colour even when you’re just reading page from a
newspaper The amount of people I’ve spoken to
since doing this who come in and say ‘oh I can’t, oh no I’ve got no no talent
whatsoever,’ it’s not talent you know, if you want to do it can do it, you’re just as good
as anybody else once you’ve put he hours in. Definitely I would say paint every
day only because you have to be really disciplined to do that. And
you do need to be able to start your day as you would if you were working for
somebody else. You need to be able to press on when things are going wrong, or your painting is going wrong. You know life is happening and you still need to be able to do it. And I’d
also say do what you like doing I think make it fun for yourself
as nice for yourself as possible. Paint the subjects that you love to paint in style that you want to paint that comes naturally

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