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Workers Compensation. If you have been injured
in the course of your employment; regardless whether or not it’s your fault, you would
be eligible to collect workers compensation if you’re going to be out more than just few
days. Insurance company has to pay for several things, if you have been injured in the course
of your employment. Again it can be your fault or no one’s fault or your employers fault
and you’re still going to be eligible for workers compensation based on workers compensation
statutes. First, the insurance company has to pay for all reasonable related medical
bills, physical therapy, orthopedic doctors, any type of doctors, chiropractic that you
feel you need, massage therapy they have to pay for. Secondly, they have to pay a percentage
of your lost income or a percentage of what they call your average weekly wage. Thirdly,
if you have a permanent scarring or loss of function, the insurance company has to pay
for that. Loss of function is if you have a body part that doesn’t fully heal and there
is some residual function loss, the insurance company has to give you money for that. Another
thing that the insurance company has to pay for, if you’re injured at work is for vocational
rehabilitation, if you are unable to go back to your normal job because of your injury
then you are eligible to have the insurance company pay for you to be re-trained to learn
another profession or occupation. Sometimes we can get people money for what they call
a lump sum settlement. If you are unable to go back to work at the type of work that you
were doing the insurance company in some instances will give you a lump sum settlement, we get
20 % of the fee if you’ve been injured in the course of your employment and we were
able to get you a lump sum settlement. We don’t charge you any costs during the course
of your case, even if we have to go to court to get you on workers compensation or get
you money for scarring or loss of function, the insurance company pays our fees. So you
never have to pay a lawyer if you are injured at work. Also, if you are eligible for social
security disability, if you’re not only unable to return to your own job but your unable
to do any type of work and your what they call permanently and totally disabled you
may be eligible for social security disability benefits in addition to workers compensation
benefits. Another thing you may be eligible for is what they call a third party claim.
That means if you are injured due to that negligence of a third party, not your employer
or co-worker. A person who does not work or is involved with your company, a perfect example
would be if a truck driver is driving down the street and gets rear-ended, by another
truck and is injured, he obviously can collect workers compensation, but he would also have
what they call a third party negligence claim, which also pays for pain and suffering and
other things, against the insurance company for that other truck driver. So if you have
been injured at work and your thinking of hiring a lawyer please feel free to contact
us or call us we would be happy to talk to you and thank you for listening.

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  1. I broke 4 ribs last week at work also i hurt my back neck and shoulder. I was on a machine where the controls stuck and the emergency brake did not work. The company i work for also disabled safety features that would have shut the machine off if the operator was not on it.
    The machine spun in circles until i was thrown off and ran over by it. It kept spinning until hitting something and shutting off. There was at least 5 eyewitnesses
    I should be eligible to recieve workers compensation because it happened at work right? I get a paycheck with taxes and am not a 1099.

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