‘If You Have a Dream You Need to Pursue It’ Performer Shares of Her Goals

– Rosie, do you think
you’re putting your family at risk by pursuing your career? – I don’t believe so. The reason being is, you know what. You never know what’s gonna
happen today or tomorrow. There is shootings everywhere. Schools, concerts, and you just can’t stop that. There’s no way of telling. I just say if you have a dream, you pursue it, and you go hard in it. – I get that. But, do you have people
that are following you home? Like stalkers and stuff? – Well, I’ve had. – How many? – [Nathan] Yes, she does. – Since I’ve been really
young I’ve always had it. So, it’s never gone away. – Nathan, how many times did that happen? – I can’t even count on my hand right now. I mean, it’s happened
numerous times, you know? – First of all, how do
they know where you live? – Well the thing is my GPS, like, my phones and everything. There’s ways where people
find out exactly where I’m at, and I have to be very
careful with all that. Because technology nowadays– – But Rosie. I do a lot of public appearances, and I have never had
anyone follow me home. You said on your GPS system– – On the Apple iPhones like, the phones– – [Vivica] That people
can follow you home? – Yeah, well, even if I turn off the
locations and everything, I don’t know how people do it. I have no idea. – Have you, any of you, ever hear of that? – [Panel] No. (laughs) – I mean I know that
on the phone there is, it can be public but you get to share your
location with the people– – Yeah. It’s a choice. Yeah, ’cause the minute that pops up, even if I go on a blog
or something like that, It says “allow”, “deny”, or
“block” or whatever that is. Are you allowing people
to know where you’re at? – No, I’m not. – Are you checking into places socially? – No, I’m not. – No. She does. She checks into places
on her social media. – Well when I’ve been there like a week, or two weeks ago, like, not exactly that precise time. – Well, I think there’s
pursuing your dream, and then pursuing it more thoughtfully. Because it sounds like
maybe you are taking gigs that might be more suspect, that might have higher risks, Like, at night clubs, off
of craigslist postings– – [Nathan] Right. – So, tell us a little bit about that. – Well, the thing is, I work for myself. I’m independent. I get all these bookings and I decide which ones I’m gonna do. For me its like, I can
present myself if I– – No, she can’t. You see, that’s one of the
issues I have with her. What’s a couple more dollars
to hire private security? For her safety, you know? – Yes. Agree. – I’ve done it before. I’ve trained kids, children, MMA. So, I’m a fighter– – I don’t think that’s enough. – [Rosie] And I’ve played– – You’ve been shot, on stage, before me. – [Rosie] Well, I can’t stop a bullet. – I’m sorry? Say that again. – I’m gonna keep on going
and pursuing my dream. It’s not gonna stop me. If it’s my time to go, I’m gonna go but– – We’re not asking you or telling
you that you should stop– – [Areva] Not at all. – But you need to become more protective. – Let’s be safe. – Do you think she’s naive? – Absolutely, she’s naive. The people she talks to, to book these jobs with, they’re not exactly the safest people to– – The cream of the crop. – [Nathan] Yeah. Exactly. – Well, you’re getting your
bookings off of craigslist? – No. – Well, some of them she has, in the past. – You don’t have an agent? – No, I don’t. – [Vivica] Why not? – Well, right now, I’m
pretty iffy about agents. Because, I’ve had agents
try to come up to me and tell me who they are. And, I look them up and
then they’re nobody. Why am I gonna have somebody, that’s really nobody, try to represent me. – [Vivica] Okay. Why not Nathan? Do you ever go with her
when she does her jobs? – I do at times. But, a lot of times, I’m
at work during the daytime. Then, when she goes at
the jobs at nighttime, I’m at home taking care of the children. – [Vivica] I see. – I can’t really be there
all the time for it. And, when she does go on
these gigs, on these jobs, I’m fearful the whole
time about her safety and who she’s talking to– – Do you let Nathan know
where you’re going Rosie? – Yes. Actually his
mother is my vocal coach. I’m having her be my agent now. So, I’m telling her exactly the– – I think we glossed over you being shot– – [Judy] Yeah. – You’re a mother, of what, five kids? – Yeah. – [Areva] Okay. – [Vivica] You have five kids? – I three and you know– – [Vivica] Three and then Nathan’s two. – She has three and then my two. – Well, let’s give her a round of applause for looking that good! (applause) – [Vivica] Sashay! Sashay! Yeah! – So, you’re a mother of five and you’re shot on stage. Nathan, how did that make you feel? Knowing that she was near death or could’ve died from being shot? – Uh, the worst feeling ever. I was at home with the children and I got a phone call
from one of her friends. – I didn’t really realize
what was going on. I didn’t completely believe her. She said she was shot and I had no idea what was going on until I
heard the background commotion. And then when I heard that,
I just jumped into my car and raced over there as fast as I could. – How did the kids feel about this? How did your kids feel
about you getting shot? – Well, the whole situation was, I didn’t know I was shot, when I was shot. I went down– – You didn’t know you were shot? – [Rosie M.] How did you not know? – Yeah. I just went off the stage. I got off and then I just walked. Then, I looked down and was like, “What?!” And, then I collapsed and
I had all these people surrounding me, putting
pressure in my wounds. And, a girl, that I never even met, came up to me and held my head. And, she goes, “today
is not your day to die. “You are not gonna die.” And, my kids went flash between my eyes. I was like, “it’s not my turn to die “and I’ma be strong for them.” I always think, if I could make it through playing high school football with the men, when everyone told me, “you can do it and you can’t pursue it!” I can do anything.

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