If Congress was your co-worker – Starring Chris Pine

I will say, at first we had… such high hopes for Leonard. But then right away, there were… issues. Ok but when we switch to the new plan, I’ll still be covered? The whole company will. Even janitorial. Mmmmmnnnno! I want my idea! What idea? That we don’t do that! What do we do instead? Well not that! How come janitorial has all that health stuff? They don’t even have cool ties. I don’t see how that… I’m shutting down the company! [laughing] You can’t just shut down… La la la la la la Shutting down the company… for a month! I still get paid. He can’t… He can’t just do that, right? Uh well… [maniacal laughter] The company bylaws are… well they’re weird. Ow! Jesus. Are you okay? That’s insane. We gotta get rid of that thing. No no no no Can’t! Has to be unanimous, microwave stays. But it’s dangerous! No one wants it here. He gave me money and he may also give me a job when I leave here… so tough titties. [laughing] Alright, everybody this is Bob. He’s gonna untangle all those legal issues, so we’re not waiting on key decisions. Hi, I’m… BOOOOO! I hate Bob! What? Wha… Why? Because you chose him! I want a cool boss that’ll pick someone that you know… that I like! Okay Well some of us have clients who can’t afford… I’m not letting anybody meet Bob! So don’t look at Bob! Huh! Nobody look at Bob. Ok, there’s no way he has the authority to do that. I saw you looking! What the… Leonard! Science isn’t in the bible! This frightens and arouses me! I’m the boss of you! I’m the boss of your whole body! I need to know what’s going on in there! Where’s the cake? Bring me cake… or I’ll wish you into the cornfield. Well the thing is, Leonard… You can’t do anything to me or my cool tie! [laughing] See we all got together… And we voted. Oh shit You’re still gonna hire me, right? The fire tells me secrets.

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  1. Comparing law making to sexual assault is absurd. We have laws for every topic but a democratically elected body isn't allowed to make laws regarding abortion ( i assume thats what they were referring to) without it being literally sexual assault?

  2. The reason this is so good is because its the best argument for less government intervention. Ironically doing the opposite of what they where trying to achieve.

  3. I don't care if it is Chris Pine, chase me around my workplace in an office chair yelling about my body and I'd run away too. Good video, already saved the date.

  4. Good question why does Congress get away with all their lies and the stealing of our income! One they are crooks, two, they make the laws which are illegal by the Constitution, three, your vote doesn't matter! There is really only one party!

  5. Ya know, I despise Trump but I really cannot stand these hypocritical, hysterical virtue signalers. There were more strawmen burning in this video than the pyromaniac would be able to stand. The casting and timing of the video make clear it was a shot at one side only. And as we see today, BOTH sides are capable of shutdowns, horrendous behavior with women (and btw IIRC wasn't Joss Whedon, the now-notorious adulterer and power-abuser-with women, who wanted a certain Congressman "fucked to death by a rhino" involved in the making of this?) etc etc. Good job people – ya made me hate you more than I hate Trump. (Maybe that's what they mean when they point at things like this and say ":this is how you get more Trump")

  6. I've always viewed Congress in this way. I've always thought it was crazy… finally a video that reflects that.

  7. This is how Republican voters want their representatives to act.They're motivated only by the desire to to harm.

  8. Omfg this is great! Mirrors! 😂😂😂 VOTE responsibly folks!! Bernie get your new suits ordered!!!

  9. I love Chris Pine is he so fucking funny. He should do more comedy movies. He should just do more movies love them and wonder woman.

  10. :im the boss of you
    :im the boss of your whole body
    :you don't even know what's going on in there
    hahahah my god chris pine are so funny

  11. comments enabled for once, here is some information on the PAC that funds these videos

  12. Ah, the subtlety. Yes, Hollywood, we need you to influence our politics because nothing gets Congress, not to mention the govt, out of our lives like moving more to the Left, right? 🙄

  13. Fuck all of you liberal assholes. That was all an attack on conservatives and that's fine if you admit to it you hacks