How to read music – Music manuscript by Die Ratsmusiker – your Town Musicians!

Hi it’s Anne here from Die Ratsmusiker I’m just using clear plastic book
covering and I use a permanent marker to do the lines but a whiteboard marker for
day to day use. You can also take a page of manuscript
and blow it up to poster size, cut it in sections and then have it laminated.
That’s fine any space you want. Yep, beautiful! Try the next space up. Perfect,
fantastic that’s great! The students seem to like this next one
the best. That’s pretty good! So just search free manuscript downloads.
I like this one by Blitz Books. It’s a really good format and then just save it
as PDF is fine. Then open it in Word as a Word document and enable content and
then I’m not very good with this bit so I fiddle around for the next 45 minutes
until I change it to what I want. Basically landscape and get the
proportions right which is really important for manuscript leaving enough
room in between the two sets of five lines so for the notes to fit. So
I suggest you save it as a Word document first so that you can go back and refine
it if you want to and also save it as a PDF because this is the one that you can
take to a print shop if you’re lucky enough to have access to one and print
up copies and then have them laminated. So why am I doing this? Well I just think
it’s important for people to be able to sketch down their musical ideas quickly
in a really free fashion and neatness is not important. This is the sketch of
Beethoven’s Cello Sonata Messy is fine.
Messy is good. If Beethoven’s messy, we’re messy! Yeah!

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