How to Paint Easy Night Sky Galaxy with Poster Paints | Artwork #1

well you and me repeat this bittersweet hello boxers this is your girl ping Fox and today I'm gonna show you how to paint night sky galaxy painting with some poster color paints it's the beautiful painting I love night sky so much so if you are new in my channel then don't forget to subscribe cuz I'm a gamer plus artist so I'm gonna show you a lot of fun videos and yeah don't forget to subscribe 10 into 10 videos I'm gonna show you how to paint this in my own style so I'm gonna put all the things that you need down below in the description so it's gonna be a speed painting so I hope you enjoy you're always stuck in my head no I can't forget it try to move all right you're the one that I dream about it joining pictures of blue skies other pictures see where that baby cuz I know baby it's working in [Applause]

Author Since: Mar 11, 2019

  1. thank you so much for supporting my sweet foxers .It means alot to me <3 This is my first video of speed painting so let me know what you think about it <3 ^-^ also let me know which games do you want to see on my channel 🙂

  2. Good to have you back and what a video to do it with I love watching speed painting I watch a few people and it's always soothing

  3. Hey omg this art skills is way beyond perfection! Dang I wish I could create something like this! Sadly my art skills is very very low but wow this is amazing! I’d love to hang that on a wall with a frame 😉😍! You did hella great here! Ms Artist in the Room Holla!!!!!

  4. Damn you're talented, always wished I could paint but I am not skilled in that department shall we say 😂 beautiful work though, good job ✌🏻

  5. U did it it once again keep doing ur work and u will be a celebrity even if u are my celebrity already

  6. Bonjour PINKFOXXY
    Superbe réalisation , beaux posters que vous nous partagez, excellente création !
    Je vous souhaite une belle semaine et toutes mes amitiés

  7. This is so gorgeous 😍🌌 I love the night sky too. It reminds me of a storybook kind of look, very whimsical.

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