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How to make track for a paper roller coaster

How to make track for a paper roller coaster

Reveena: Brian is in the STEM Studio today
to show us some ways to make track. Brian: Paper roller coasters need a lot of
track. Here’s a piece of straight track. I’ve made it from one quarter inch graph
paper printed on card stock. Brian: You usually cannot buy that, so we
just search for a graph paper pattern and print it on card stock. I found one that has thicker lines every two
inches. Brian: We crease and fold two squares width
for each railing and leave four squares for the roadbed. Brian: Paper is flexible and it might bend
to let the marble fall out, unless you attach it in several places to hold it rigid. You can make track stronger by closing the
starting end. Brian: The marble can’t roll in a straight
line forever, it needs to turn. There are many ways for students to make turns
themselves, but to speed the process up, we can hand out track with these cuts. Raveena: It can still be used as straight
track, if that is what is needed. Brian: Or, the end can be made into a curved
railing that guides the marble out a side exit. Brian: Students can cut the track to exactly
the right length, but that can be tedious. Brian: If you attach another layer of paper
underneath by taping it at the railings, then you can combine two short pieces of track. The two pieces can slide to become exactly
the right length. Brian: You can make two L-shaped turns from
one four by six card. Brian: If you snip the railings, you can make
straight track curve into a jump. Just snip on both sides, then curve the paper
and add short pieces of tape to hold the shape. Raveena: That’s too steep. Brian: That’s more like it. Brian: If you snip one railing and cut across
the roadbed, then you can curve the track. Brian: Just overlap the paper and apply short
pieces of tape. You can make a gentle C curve or an S curve. For a tighter curve, cut out V shaped sections. Brian: If you snip all the railings, you can
make wavy track. It is like an S curve, except it goes up and
down instead of side to side. This makes the marble go fast and slow. Reveena: Brian, thanks for all of these. Brian: My pleasure.

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  1. Before:
    Teacher: Where is ur science projects
    Classmates:here is our roller coasters
    Me: here u go
    Teacher:*looks at roller coaster*
    Me:oh oof its just a single strip of paper that i haven’t even made into a piece of track
    Teacher: F-
    Teacher:i gave u a second chance this should be good
    Teacher:its amazing
    Me:thank you

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