How To Find the Best Lexington, SC Workers’ Comp Lawyer

What can you do to find a top workers compensation
lawyer in Lexington, South Carolina? My name is Kenneth Berger, and I represent injured
workers in Lexington and across our state. However, I didn’t make this video to claim
that I’m the best, in fact, attorneys who make those claims are often times violating
our states ethical rules, which isn’t a good thing to look for in an attorney. Instead,
I wanted to create a video that helps you understand some of the factors you should
consider in making sure you choose the right attorney for your case. When it comes to workers
comp, cases often times turn on medical records, so if your attorney doesn’t understand medical
terminology, anatomy, physiology, and is unable to effectively present your case from a medical
basis, that could spell trouble. Second, you want to know the kind of results the attorney
has gotten in the past when they’ve gone before the workers comp commission. Does he or she
have a proven track record of success? Are other attorneys in the area referring him
or her cases because they know they’re going to do a good job? And third, and this might
be very important, in fact, most important, you want someone who is going to respect you,
you want someone who understands what it’s like to get knocked out of work, face medical
bills, have an uncertainty over your financial future and future employment. You want someone
who’s really on your side and is going to be able to get to know you well enough to
effectively represent your interest and tell your story before our workers compensation
commission. If you have any questions about a workers comp case, if you want any help
in finding the best attorney for your particular case, feel free to give us a call. I’m not
going to try and convince you I’m the best but I’ll honestly share about some of the
factors you should consider in making the right choice. Feel free to call us for consultation,
you can also request free copies of my books right here on the website. We’ve devoted an
entire chapter towards workers compensation. No matter what you choose, know that we’re
here for you, and we’re here for injured workers across the state, to make sure that your rights
are protected and your voice is heard.

Author Since: Mar 11, 2019

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