How To File a Workers’ Compensation Claim in South Carolina

How do I file a workers compensation claim
in South Carolina? My name’s Kenneth Berger, I practice law right here in Columbia, South
Carolina, and I made this video to answer that question for you. Workers compensation
is designed to provide benefits for people who were injured in the course and scope of
their employment. In other words, if you got hurt at work, even if the accident was your
fault, you can still file a workers compensation claim.
The first thing you need to do, is let your employer know. You’ve only got 90 days to
put your employer on notice, so it’s essential you tell them about the incident as soon as
possible. The employer is then supposed to fill out some forms and send them on to their
insurance company, and those forms ultimately get sent to the workers compensation commission.
If you’ve got doubts that your employer is filing that workers compensation claim on
your behalf, you can actually contact the Workers’ Compensation Commission directly.
Their number is in the phone book, and it’s of course available online. The next thing – and what
I’d certainly do at least for a consultation – is to contact a lawyer. Workers compensation
can be a confusing process, the language is unfamiliar, and most the folks that we represent
tell us that it’s their first experience with the workers compensation system. Rather than
go through it blindly, much of the time, speaking with a lawyer can provide a lot of guidance,
a lot of answers, and remove some of the fear and uncertainty from the process.
Again, there are a few ways to file a workers comp claim. First is letting your employer know and
having them file the claim. The second is contacting the Workers’ Comp Commission directly. And, the third is getting in touch with a lawyer and having the lawyer assist you in not only filing the claim,
but guiding you through the process. We handle these kinds of cases every day, and we’d certainly
be glad to help you as well. If you’d like a free consultation or free copies of my books,
you can request them right here on the website. No matter what you choose or how you go about
contacting us, know that I look forward to speaking with you and doing everything I possibly
can to help you as you move forward with your workers compensation claim.

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