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Currently this wet garment is thin material How do you express the weight? That’s through wrinkles and the color Where it is sticking to the body, it has mountain like folds
– yes Thank you for coming!
-Hello This time Hinoe-san is here for the Discord advice series The drawing we picked up this time from Discord is ZIZI I’m struggling with the way shirt should fold when it’s wet How would wrinkles be made when the shirt is wet? That’s the advice we need! How is it at first glance? Since I do some work drawing wet clothes My specialty is line art, you could bring out this look with color but… since I normally use color pencil, I’m not sure I can bring out so much I’d recommend trying to color it and seeing what you can do there Can I ask you to help us?
– Sure Is this the kind of drawing you would pass to the coloring artists later? I would do the key drawing, and the animators will clean it up and pass to the Finisher, who is the painter Each character has a color setting which defines how each character has to be colored in Based on that, the Finisher will add the color accordingly Sometimes you get instructions like “color freely” in that case you can draw whichever way you like Maybe that makes the work more complicated? That’s true. It’s hard to decide Currently drawing soft wrinkles. I wonder what the material is? It’s outerwear so it could be something thick If you draw character with clothes on, you can’t run away from wrinkles It’s better to practice the different wrinkles for various materials The situation is the clothing is wet but will you draw the wrinkles to look different? Can you see it’s becoming heavy? I see. So the jacket is pulled more directly down by gravity The jacket is becoming heavy, and the collar is loose/sagging What’s in the hand? Phone?
-Canned coffee -Oh right! I heard iced coffee is quite unique to Japan I think I saw a foreigner who was complaining the canned coffee being cold What?
-It seemed to have been a mystery you can drink cold coffee in a can It seems canned coffee seems to be very unique And the person had apparently not experienced ice coffee
-Oh really? I think canned coffee is quite unique Abroad, I think in vending machines you maybe only find soft drinks like cola Oh nice The pocket gets affected by the folds now Improving the fingers too. The artist wanted to draw 4 fingers so they went diagonal You don’t necessarily need to show all 4 fingers when you are gripping There are parts you can’t see The fingers you can’t see makes the beginners worried when drawing You feel like you must draw all 4 fingers The garment of the inner shirt is much thinner?
-Yes The garment is probably much thinner, so how would you illustrate the weight? That’s also through wrinkles and color I see I see Wrinkles are formed where the garment sticks to the body Like mountain folds
-That’s right For me, rather than this type of girl being wet, I have an image of a middle aged man sweating in his tank tops sticking to his body When we are making videos together, I feel Hinoe you get a lot of details with quite few lines For animation you are always thinking about how to do that Oh right, I see. It’s to avoid giving the animators extra trouble
-Yes So the line art is like this You draw it sticking to the body to add some weight After this just add some shadow Adding shadow where it is sticking Will that take a long time? I don’t think that much What do you have in mind when choosing where to put shading? Well, going along the curved lines which you imagine The garment which is not wet, and which is, what’s the difference? When you think of the 3D, there is no difference But the parts which were wet are sticking to the body so so there are more bumpy curved lines Since it’s wet, you put shadows in even where there’s no line art? Since there will be more bumpy parts, there will be more shadows The outerwear will be something like this
-Amazing When a bit of the skin color is stuck here thinly, it will look realistic For thin garments does that work for arms and legs as well? Well if it’s translucent and you can see the color below, go for it As a key point, it’s wet It looks wet enough Like this Well some materials won’t be like this if they absorb the water
– oh yeah When the material is cotton, you don’t see this much water like this In that case, we do it differently If you want to do a very easy wet illustration, it’s this That’s it? So to summarize, you can do this…but really this is enough.
-Yes If the color is set, this is enough So it’s like this
-Thank you very much A lot of details The original drawing was like this The shape of the jacket was modified a little Then, how to draw the wrinkles. They show the added weight now Often we say this in other videos too but… Thick clothing shows more of the loose wrinkles In addition, just more folds in general Since the shirt is a thinner garment It will stick to the skin more That’s when the mountain-like wrinkles appear When you put skin color on it, it looks more transparent Gray shadows appear as well Adding some water drops at the end If it is not a water resistant garment, the water drops will not show up like this Adding to the hands and the skin will look realistic Curious about these areas The parts not shown on the line art If you add it with a line, it will look too much. There are ways to show with a shadow as well When you add shadows without line art you get a nice balanced drawing Any final words for ZiZi? Get wet and show that in a mirror lol It could be a photo as well Please enter Discord. There is a room called Art Advice When you post it there, it can become a video so do post Please subscribe bye bye! “get wet” lol

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  1. This episode so delightfully toed the line of decency.

    And that end bit… "Get yourself wet! In the mirror… Maybe in a photo…"

    Uhm… After hearing the stories where youtube influencers encouraged young (ok, under-aged was more true) fans to send in nude pics… That bit had me go "wait what!?". This could so easily get so misunderstood…

    Please however do not stop making quality content. Because even with the hilarious double entendres… We love it. 😀

  2. Seeing the title in on the thumbnail: 👀👀👀👀👀👀❓❓❓❓
    Seeing the actual video title: OOOOOOOOHHH YEAH, YOU MEAN THAT

  3. An actual anime style drawing tutorial by a japanese artist instead of someone who makes western style drawing insead of anime,keep going its very useful tho

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