How to Draw the Head – Side View

In this episode we meet our new friend, the
SIDE view. If you haven’t seen part 1 or part 2 of the
series, click on these video links. Just like the front view, the side view is
a flat angle. You are looking directly at the side plane of the head. The process is
the same as 3/4 and front view but I’d like to show you an example just to make it even
more clear. Start with the ball for the cranium and chop
off the side plane. Notice that this time the side plane is a perfect circle instead
of an oval and it’s in the middle of the cranial mass because we are looking directly at it. Now let’s indicate this head looking slightly
upward with an angle from ear to brow. Make sure that this angle is in the center of the
side plane. Not up here, or down here… Right in the middle. Establishing the angle from
one brow to the other is tricky, since we can only see one side. But just keep in mind
that if there is a twist, the angle will follow. Also, notice that the side plane is lower
on the cranium when the top of the head is pointing at you and higher when its pointing
away. I’ll go into more depth next week when we do extreme angles. For now, I’ll keep it
straight and make the brow horizontal. A perpendicular vertical line is helpful on
the side plane. We will use it later to find the jaw. This should be close to the angle
of the front plane of the face. The curvature of the front plane varies from
person to person. Sometimes it will be straight and sometimes curve out from the forehead
to the chin. Also, sometimes the chin will be closer to the back of the head, or protrude
out from the face. So pay attention to the angle from forehead to the front plane of
the chin, as well as it’s curvature. From the bottom of the ear draw that same
angle over to the bottom of the nose. Find the hairline and chin using the rule of thirds. Now add the jaw. The cranial mass at the bottom back of the
head is actually a bit higher than the perfect ball indicates. So, I’ll make that little
correction. And add the neck. When someone looks up, the chin goes away from the body
and the back of the head gets closer. So we need to show the neck stretching in the front
and pinching in the back. OooK! here’s a little advise on the features…
From the side, its hard to draw the features accurately just by following the contour.
I like to observe as many angle relationships as possible. Brow to chin, brow to nose, nose
to chin, nose to top lip, top lip to bottom lip, and so on. Plotting these points first
makes it a lot easier. Thanks for watching! Hey, if you like this video your friends might
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  1. I'm really really grateful! you have a talent to explain hard things in most simple funny ways ! THANK YOU for all of your work in all videos.

  2. Thanks a lot for your all videos!!! I just found your channel and I am eager to learn more and practice. thanks for easy and quick explanation !

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    now this and yes that….
    wooh done….
    now me trying….what the fuck next i do!? how did i end up drawing doreamon

  5. this is the best tuations for drawing , i love to draw and it help me more to detail my drawing i love you video's keep it up !!!!

  6. Dear stan you didnt mention that the shape of the head from the perfect profil view is not a circle it's rather oval!

  7. hlo sir, your tutoriols are too much helpful to us, sir now would you please teach us the side faces of children from different angles.

  8. thank you so much porko !!before i watch the video , i had a deep problem with the side view, but now everything is going perfectly !!

  9. Hi.. I’m having only front face, I would like to draw the same face in side down view… can you please give any tips or advice??

  10. I'd appreciate a bit more elaboreted explanation on placement of certain points, or, placement of the features.. especially the eyes… you just went ahead and drew them

  11. Thank you sooo much for this video. You saved my art project, and finished with an A. You are seriously a lifesaver and you deserve way more subscribers!

  12. Take a side ways picture the same perspective as this if you have an iPhone or an editing app just Mark the lines up.. it saves you time (: !

  13. This tutorial and the other head ones are so straight forward and to the point. Do this to get this and so on, great tutorial. I'm no artist but after watching these the heads I sketch have gotten better and more consistent, thank you!

  14. Stan, all your drawing videos are superior to any others I've seen on you tube. You're clear, precise, and interesting to listen to. Glad I've discovered these.

  15. It’s really interesting how you hold your pencil. Is that so you don’t smear your lines? How long did it take you to master holding the pen that way and or did you just start that way?
    Have any video tips on holding the pencil that way?

  16. I really want to thank you so much for this video, I can’t believe that I draw something like this ,it’s really really great 😭💗💗

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  19. You're officially my favorite person on YouTube! I have been working on learning to "draw" for a while but have had to trace a lot of the main structure of the head/faces. I have been watching tons of videos trying to find one that really breaks it down enough for a beginner to easily follow. You are the first I've been able to follow and have it actually look like what you have drawn! Well done! Thanks so much!

  20. Good lessons from you. If you're interested, support my wife, who paints portraits on iPad Pro in Procreate:

  21. Thank you so much for all of your videos, I find them very helpful. I have Loomis' book and even though he tries to explain everything in detail, I couldn't apply his method until I've seen your videos. They're full of valuable insights.
    I know you made videos about individual features but can you also make a video about positioning all of them on the Loomis head please? It would help a lot.

  22. is it bad practice to begin with say a protractor and a measuring tape, just to get the ideas down first? I of course want to progress to being able to do it by hand/sight, but I feel like I just need to get the basic principles of perspective down…thoughts my fellow artists?

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