How to Draw People in Perspective

Hi, Tom here with my new How to Draw video from Circle Line Art School, How to Draw People in a Landscape The first step is to draw an oval for a head, just a sketch, next draw the neck it needs to be almost as wide as the head, now draw an oval for the upper body shape, at least three times bigger than the head, now draw another oval for the lower body shape, next to the upper legs almost as long as the upper body, now draw two simple circles for knees, now draw the lower legs, similar in shape to the upper legs, maybe a bit thinner Next draw two basic shapes for feet not too big not too small, now draw two circles for shoulders this will make the shoulders wider which is important, now draw the upper arms, not quite as big as the upper legs Next to the lower arms, and then add the hands, the hands need to starts below the waist Now that we have our first basic figure in proportion, we can draw a horizontal line and then across on this line for the vanishing point, now if you want to draw another person, the same height as the first person that we drew, we need two diagonal lines from this vanishing point one that goes to the top of the head and then won the goes to the feet anywhere between these two diagonal lines we can draw a vertical line and put another person in, so I’ll draw a person here in the same style and proportion as the first person, basically lots of ovals, I’ll try to make sure the head is not too big, now if I draw another cross on the left-hand side of the horizon and then two more diagonal lines that touch the top and the feet of the second figure, I can now draw another figure between these two diagonal lines at any point, so I’ll just draw the basic oval shapes as we did for the first figure, now we have three figures that all relate to each other within the space that we have created we have created, through using perspective lines and daagonal lines now hopefully by using these diagonal lines going to the horizon we have placed the three figures to create some sense of space between the figures, each of these people is very basic but we’re looking to try to get the proportions roughly right next I’ll have some clothes, some loose lines to indicate the clothes so they look like people who could move in their clothes, I try not to add too many details at this stage because it’s not necessary, I can choose what they will be wearing and that will help create a style to the drawing, a sense of mood to the drawing which I think I want to create in this image later in this drawing I’ll use some pen and ink to make this picture a tonal drawing, I want to add a simple background landscape using black ink and a brush I think I’ll draw just a range of hills that go behind the three figures, along the horizon line and I’ll fill that in with some black ink and then I’ll add some water black ink to make a tonal range of hills or mountains and then probably add a series of clouds in the sky and maybe a lake or the sea on the left-hand side of the picture, at this stage I will speed up the drawing a little bit so that you can see how the landscape develops over time, Please subscribe to my YouTube channel Circle Line Art School, for new drawing every week! There now over 200 of my drawings on my channel Thank you very much for watching and hope see next time! Please SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube channel Circle Line Art School, for a new drawing every week there are now over 200 drawings on my channel! Thank you very much for watching and I hope see next time! Please CLICK on a link to see more!

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  1. thank you so very much every time I try to draw my people something's always disproportionate this is a lot of help thank you for sharing great job

  2. I like this. I can show this to my students who are in the 1st stage step by step drawing. No need to show more details. I only need this 1st step.

  3. Hello Tom. I real enjoyed watching your video. An watch your videos from time to time. You are such a talent in what you do. An Thank you for sharing your drawings.

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