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hey everyone this is Mei Yu and welcome
to another manga drawing tutorial today I’m going to show you how to draw ariana grande with her cute cat ears as
a manga character step by step this is a more detailed challenge
tutorial with slower step-by-step instructions as many of you have
suggested if you like something easier you can see my 600 + cute easy fun2draw tutorials including my two previous Fun2draw ariana grande videos all right let’s get
started okay first I’m going to draw a circle
for her head i’m using a B pencil and I’ll just
sketch out a round shape it doesn’t have to be a perfect circle
as I have something around in there to represent the skull of the character ok now i’m going to go down this site going down towards the chin ok so there’s a chin now i’m going back up so this right here
is the jawline and I’ll curve up a little bit more now i’m going back towards the head and
let’s draw a very simple area for the ear we’ll work out the details later for
this area right now I’m just mapping everything out for the initial pencil
sketch ok so right now we have her the round part of her head and then the
job part let’s go up a little bit more so we have the curved line for the hair
which I’ll show you a little bit later on so right now we have this part here that
goes towards the back for the hair ok now for her face let’s draw the middle line first so this middle line would go all the way
down the middle part of the head in the face and it separates the two halves and
because she’s kind of turned towards an angle this line is not actually going to be
like right here it will be turned around with the face so that’s why it’s facing
this way more ok and draw another line for the top
part of the eye line sometimes I like to draw the eyebrows
resting on this I line and then let’s draw another line going down here for
the bottom part of the eyes I like to do these two lines to really
help me place the different features on the face correctly okay once we have these lines are arrays
the first circle they just fixed this area a little bit it’s always a good idea to keep checking
the proportions and the distances between the different parts of your
drawing as you go along the drawing alright so once we have these two lines
and the middle light now we can begin with the different features of the face
my manga characters usually like to start with the nose so I like to come
from the middle line go down a little bit and then a curve in to form a little
bump for the nose for this tutorial I’ll draw small
nostril right there erase this part of the middle life so you can see
the knows better ok and now for ariana’s pretty lips so
underneath the nose let’s draw a line just to map out where
we’re going to place the mouth let’s say it’s right around here and
make it a little bit longer on the sick and after will show you how to get her
cute little dimple inside alright so we have the light for the lip
make it darker to define it more it’s tilting up a little bit on this
side all right now that we have the mouth for
the top lip I’ll go above the line I’ll draw a curve
coming towards the middle line here and then from the middle line let’s draw
another curve that was stretched out towards the corner of the mouth that I
true so something like that ok once we have the top lip I’ll draw the bottom lip under here as
one single curved line she’s got really nice pretty lips so
make them quite big like that so there’s some distance between the
different lines in the lips and that’s how I can make the lips look full I’ll make this corner of the mouth a
little bit longer so her smile can be emphasized there you go like that now that we have the nose and the mouth let’s go into the eyes in the ieee room
so let’s start on this side of the face first I’ll go on top here and on this first eye
and on this first eye line I like to start the eyebrow as a line like that I’ll draw another similar line to make
the shape of the odd row once I have this eyebrow i’ll leave a space and i’ll
come down here to form the upper part of the eye so this line would be the curve of the
top eyelid and it’s just kind of coming down like that now i’m going to leave a distance come down here and this lime drawing now
would be the lash line so go up a little bit but there always
be a distance to make this part the upper eyelid leave a distance occur down
like that a little bit and now i want to curve up to draw a really nice curve for
her big eyelash which is coming up now this is just one way to draw manga lies
there are many different kinds of manga eyes to draw and for this tutorial i’ll
draw the eyes like this in the future i’ll do all kinds of different manga eyes so if you follow me you’ll learn how to
draw all kinds of different eyes and different techniques and I hope that
helps alright so we have this line now I’m
coming up and now draw the side of the eye and from this tip of the eyelash I’ll just go down this is a nice way to
draw a really nice thick single area for the eyelashes I’ll polish the lines up a little bit
more all right once we have these shapes let’s go into the bottom part of the eye just drew a line it’s a little bit above
this eye line which is fine I don’t always have to make this line
touch the guideline here these lines are basically just to guide
you along the way we are drawing the different features so I have the basic overall shape now
for the I inside let’s draw the iris will make her look towards the back a little bit more ok once we have the area of the iris let’s go into the highlights so here’s a
big one right here the oval and i’ll draw another smaller
level down here and then the pupil would just go behind everything underneath just like that ok now as I now as i’m drawing the
different features in the face I think let’s make the width of the face
a little bit speaker start down here and basically just make the jawline
farther away to make her face look more proportions and then this ear I’ll draw a few more lashes inside like
this it will be quite thin compared to this shape because i want this to stand
out the most alright so once we have this I let’s go
into the other side first the eyebrow draw this line of the forehead a little
bit more so I’m defining this line for this side
of the face now let’s draw the upper part of the eyelet here ok because
of the perspective of the face this side of the face would be smaller
than this and this lines that i’m going to draw inside the upper eyelid would be
similar to what i have before but they’ll be facing the other way so that’s why i drew this line like that
but just flipped so I have that now let’s go into the lash line ok so i have this distance inside to
make the eyelid look thick now the lash line comes around and for
this long triangular piece I just go out like that coming out to go
back in some additional lashes but not too big all right no to make side of the eye so this line was separated the white of
the eye from this piece in the lash get down for the bottom part so we’re
going to leave a little space between the bottom part of the eye and this I line hey all you raise these lines now we
don’t need the manual alright so we have the basic shape of
the eye now let’s draw the iris so that that’s a curve inside let’s draw
the fake highlights first and then the small one is red in the corner there with the pupil underneath okay excellent so we have her eyes all done let me just move this line
above a little bit i think what I had before was a little too low compared to
this I and I want to keep both eyes looking like they’re leveled just move
this line up a little bit there I think that looks better once i have that i
like to go into this side of the face and just try a little small line for her
dimple cute right so we have most of her face all done now
let’s go into her hair so this line i’ll continue up a little bit towards her
forehead erase this line here so you can see it better make this eyebrow tilt
down little bitch and just noticing that this eyebrow it looks a little bit lower than that
one so let’s just make this fit more there we go ok so once we have her face
done i’ll go into the hairline first I’ll rough out a really simple line
around the head so you can see where the hair will begin ok so it’s going to be something like
that there’s a dip in here in the middle from this dip I like to go up a little bit as a curve
like that and then let’s map out a little bit more of her
hair on this site let’s make that lower little bit there all right i erase some extra lines so you can see the drawing better and
now i’m going up into more hair around and then down towards this year ok so once we have the basic shape let’s go in and I like to draw these
lines these lines will come from this line and they’ll all go towards this
line here just repeat these lines some will get more curved as we get
towards the ear that will just make the hair look more
natural all right now for her cute cat ears I like to draw another curved line that
goes around this side of the head ok so it kind of goes in and then it’s
behind this year here make that bigger so you can see and all
you’re a some lines ok so this is the headband and then
let’s draw her ears let’s do our one year coming up like
this that so it’s just the nice little soft
triangle shape the other ear will be on the site and it can go up like that all right now let’s draw her ponytail so we have the back part of
her head for her ponytail let’s make it really nice and big this is one type of hairstyle and if you
follow along I plan to do many different hairstyles
in my different magnitude tutorials in the future so thanks for subscribing and following
a lot i hope you learn to draw all different types of hair and characters ok so i’m just going down now and the
long flowing line keep going down down down down down all
the way down here she’s got lots of nice long here on this
side to go down going to do and this is just one piece of her here I like to break the hair up into
different pieces so that way it’s easier to draw and then later on we’ll fill it
in with lots of nice lines and texture to make it look more like here but right
now let’s just focus on the different shapes ok so we have one shape like I like to
draw another shape coming from behind the ear it curves out even more like this and
then it goes around the same for the end all right let’s do one more like that so you can also see as we add
the different shapes and here you’re building the volume of the hair ok so i think that’s good enough for the
ponytail for now and now for the body I want to draw a
little bit of the body before i move into the rest of the here because the
hair is going to be on top of her shoulder around here so much stronger
shorter purpose of the side of the neck to begin the body and then the shoulder I think I’m a coach in a little bit
smaller around just fixed a little bit in the ear there alright so now we have the neck then I
want to draw a shoulder as a curve coming out and then i’ll go down into the arm and then here let’s say right around here so from this
part of the neck which is the base I’ll go down leave a gap and this is
where I’ll start the curve for the chest so come out like that out curve it and then go back in and down ok for the rest of the arm let’s imagine that this neck is coming
down you don’t have to draw this exactly i’m
just using us to plan where the arm is going to end up so we have the shoulder
right around here and then the shorter will lead into the arms of the let’s put
the arm come down right around there ok leave a distance and draw the other line for the other arm or for
the other side of the same arm there we go so have the two lines for
the arm and then you’re a little bit of her back so a diagonal line for the back part of
her body ok so now that we have the different
lines for the basic body shape i’ll go into her cute top before I moving to the rest of the hair
because since we have this area I think I like to draw her top now so for this tutorial I’ll give her a
cute little top like this I have a curve going down ok we’ll stop right around there and
then it will go back up and you’ll notice that this curve is a lot bigger
than this will because this other body is facing us more because of the way
that she’s turned so everything on this side will be bigger than that this is a design inside her top and then I’ll draw the bottom so these lines are
seam lines in the top and then this is the edge ok so cute ok so once we have that I like to make you look a little bit
more detailed and fancy looking so just drawing these curved lines inside to
design the top four ok then I’ll draw a little bit of a curve
coming up alright so once we have her body done
now let’s go back into the hair so we have this side now let’s have some hair spilling out
from behind and covering her shoulder so let’s draw one piece like this so i have this piece curling around from
this side now from behind her face I’ll draw another line you will go up
because the shoulders right here so up gently now flow down and then
we’ll just make it and ride around this is a little bit long compared to
this side so let’s make this side longer there we go so now the hair on both sides
match you raise some extra line so you can see
the basic shapes better ok excellent so once we have her basic
hair shape stuff let’s go into each one and make it look
more like here by adding these soft flowing lines and then we get soft
flowing license to just keep your wrist really loose and just go like that just keep repeating these lines in here so these soft lines will help break up
all of these different spaces inside the shapes we drew and that makes it look
much more natural ok so we’ll go ahead and fill in the
lines for all the different shapes in the hair ok so we’re almost done drawing I want
to add a few more little detail see on there so starting with the neck area
right here at the base of the neck usually for my manga characters are like
to give an indication of the collar boat and part of the next so let’s try a
little bit of that right here this line is a collar bone and this line up here
going towards the neck is just a little bit of the structure of the neck itself ok so just a little bit like that let’s
not make the lines too long otherwise I think they’ll be distracting but at
least we have a little indication of her collarbone all right ok so that just makes the
character look more realistic let’s go up into the ear and I’ll draw a
simple design to show that she has like the inside part of her here will draw a
line like this first occur and then a simple curve or two inside now she has all different types of cat
ears I’ve seen her word ears with lace and
with little flowers on them i thought those are so cute but for this tutorial i think i’ll go
with some simple little over designs to show she has some little sparkly things on
the surface so just draw a few little ovals and
groups of them on the cat years here and there i won’t cover the whole surface
with the ovals because i don’t want this to look too busy ok let’s go into here this side just a
few little ovals here and there so once we have the drawing done i’ll
show you how I’m going to ink this drawing alright so i have my black brush pin and
I linked the drawing starting with the face so I’m coming down here I’m not pressing too hard on my pin
because i want the line to be quite thin and delicate going into the chin and basically i just go all the way
around the different areas of the drawing ok I’m going into the eyes so for this I i’ll draw the upper eyelid
first ok once i have that i’ll go into the
lash line ok now i don’t care about keeping the
pressure light because i want everything to be quite dark in here especially this
area now just using my pin to color in that part of the eye ok so now this part really shows and it
really reminds me of her makeup now i have the smaller lashes but i’ll
make sure they’re not so big because I want this one to stand out the most ok go into the bottom and then into the
eye iris the highlights and then the people in the pupil is really dark so
shaded in like that and shade a little bit around the eye
just like them ok so I have some more depth in the eye once we have this eye done let’s go
into the other eye so basically I just do the same right so we have her eyes let’s get into other areas of her face
and then the hair this is the headband and then the cat nice little sparkly bits inside ok once i have the cat ears let’s go
into the back part of the head down here continue these hairlines they’re all
being pulled back towards the ponytail and then the ponytail it’s so just like
how i do it i’ll use my brush pen to make these long wavy flowing lines all
the way from top to bottom into the curled in this side and the
back and now into the body feel the neck a little bit at the base of the neck and
the color book you’re going down towards the chest and
then her cute top so that’s the arm coming out from behind
the hair and now part of top so going into the two curves like that and then
the bottom part of the top the detailing inside the top once our body’s done let’s go into the
hair again on the other side ok so i’m curling into this bit here and
curls around and I’ll just finish up the rest of the
hair okay i hope this video helped you guys
please like and subscribe for new videos every week there you go

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