How to Draw a Male Face – Art Tutorial【My Sketching Technique】

hello everyone welcome back to my
channel I’m brushes and bunnies and in this video I’m going to show you how I
draw the male face the materials that I used for this tutorial are of course a
sketchbook my mechanical pencil and eraser and a black fineliner that is
size 0.05 as always you can find all of the materials down below in the video
description for this tutorial I’ll be showing you the front facing view the
3/4 view and the profile view in all three cases I’ll show you how I
structure my guide lines and also talk about how I basically build the face
with the sword of geometric shapes and basically all that you learn within this
video can be applied for female faces as well let’s start off with the front
facing view I will always start off with a circle and from the circle I will
basically build all of my guide lines from in the case of the front facing
view the most important step is to slice off the sides of the circle so just draw
a line from the sides like what I’m doing now and using these lines you can
then split the circle into one thirds this 1/3 section will also determine the
size of where you want to put the jaw line or the chin of course this is sort
of just standard proportions but if you wanted to create some unique characters
you could of course kind of exaggerate some of these sections by making the
chin longer or shaving off parts of the face so that the face is much more
narrow now these 3 or 4 lines that you’ve drawn horizontally across your
face will determine where certain features will go for example the one at
the very top is going to be the hairline the one in the very center is going to
be where the nose will appear the one that’s between the very top and the
center is going to be where the eyes are going to be and of course the very last
line is going to be where the chin ends so you can really use these lines to
help structure your face and I feel that this method really works well for me in
order to get some really good proportions
and of course it also does help if you are drawing from reference photo so
please do taking advantage of this check out some reference photos online and get
familiar with drawing different people different races different unique
features and basically adjust your proportions as you go along but you can
use these sort of basic reference lines as a stepping stone to creating a face
that is with proportions in terms of the individual facial features I am going to
be or I have already covered some of these in unique or individual video
tutorials like how to draw eyes how to draw knows how to draw lips I am of
course working on others so don’t worry I’ll be releasing like a video tutorial
for lips next week but I can probably just give you a couple tips here and now
for the face I always tend to start with the nose because the nose for me is a
focal point in terms of determining the size of the eyes where the eyes will
appear and also the length of the lips so I always tend to start with the nose
and from there on out I will continue on with the eyes the eye length is
typically the same size as the width of the nose and I will start drawing the
corners of the eyes first because this will align with the tips of the nostrils
and this is sort of the the kind of guides that I always use for all of my
characters as for the lips I will start off with the corners because the corners
for me align directly with the eyeballs and I kind of just draw roughly of where
I think they will be and I typically just align it with the ice or the irises
of of the eyes and this is how I will determine the length or how wide the
lips will be but in general if you’re interested in learning how to draw these
individual characteristics then please check out my other video tutorials on my
youtube channel again I’m going to continue doing much more I just have
like a nose and a I to toriel for now but there will be more coming for the 3/4 view on the profile view I
do use the same method with you know the circle and kind of shaping off the sides
of the circle and using the the third sort of horizontal lines across the face
and I use this for all three sort of angles and it does work really really
well so I won’t explain this again but I can take some time to explain what makes
a male face male what are the unique characteristics that do make it a male
face rather than a female face and at the very beginning of learning how to
draw male characters this was very difficult because I came from you know a
background of being comfortable with drawing female faces so I really had to
differentiate between the two to get a a unique kind of look so I’m gonna give
you guys some of the tips that I used to draw male faces while I show you guys
the 3/4 view and the profile view I believe one of the biggest differences
it’s just the general size or shape of the head itself for male faces they’re
generally much longer they’re much more angular much more pronounced in terms of
the cheekbones and the brow bone and things are just more not necessarily
boxy but there’s a lot of angles at play well the female portraits are much
softer they use a lot more curves a lot more softer curves around the lips the
chin think jaw the brows there’s just there’s just a huge difference in that
regards of course everyone is different and there will be unique faces out there
but generally speaking this is sort of the main differences the males are much
more angular and more pronounced while the females are much softer another
really big giveaway for me would be the eyebrows I know this nowadays with the
trends it’s much different you know with female trends with having thicker
eyebrows is sort of the end thing for for girls and some guys also you know
they pluck their eyebrows or they like them
many courage but generally speaking kind of the stereotypical differences between
female and male are the eyebrows for males they’re much more unkept they’re
much thicker bushier and they just yeah that’s sort of the the look for a kind
of typical masculine face and for females
you of course got the thinner eyebrows maybe there’s a more pronounced arch or
arc I don’t know how you say that so there are typical there are little minor
differences that will either give your character a more feminine look
or a more masculine look and the eyebrows is a huge giveaway another
really important factor for me are in regards to the eyes so for both genders
I do like to differentiate the shape a little bit more for females I do like to
use a more oval shape and something that is wider and has longer thicker lashes
and it’s just it just looks a little bit more feminine in that regards and for
male eyes I do like to change the shape up a bit so that it’s more rectangular the eyes for males are also a little bit
narrow or I guess you can say I mean that’s just the way I like to draw them
because I I find that attractive in guys when they have narrow eyes for some
reason I don’t really know why but I also like to add a little bit of a lash
to their eyes as well for for guys you want to be careful because you don’t
want to look like they have mascara on so you want to add at least a natural
lash but keep them short and don’t you know draw them so thick either so these
subtle differences will definitely help you distinguish between the two genders
there of course so many more differences such as you know the nose or the lips or
the cheekbones there’s a lot of things you can get into detail regarding the
differences between female and male faces and I think I’m actually going to
do a video sometime during this month about it and just talk about the key
differences and how you can differentiate between the two genders I
think this is a pretty interesting topic actually and would be kind of fun to
deep dive into it so let me know down below in the video comment or in the
comments if you’re interested in seeing a video about this topic in general if
you like to know more or require some more help on how to draw male faces I
will be posting some helpful step-by-step guides with photo
references up on my patreon this will only be available to my patreon of
course and they will be downloadable so you guys can download it and put it on
your computer and use it whenever you need
any sort of help to drawing a male face of course all of my links including my
patreon are down below in my video description so if you’re interested you
check it out and as a reminder today’s the last day
where you can sign up for the giveaway or enter for the giveaway today’s April
8th and it is the last day I will be announcing the giveaway winner on April
15th so stay tuned for that I’m so excited to select someone and do a video
and ship it to you I really love doing giveaways it’s a lot a lot of fun and as
a friendly reminder I am live-streaming every single
Saturday at 3 p.m. Central European Time I am currently drawing my subscribers
live on this livestream so if you want to submit your selfie do so by going to
Instagram and using the hashtag hashtag bunny draws me the instructions are down
below in the video description as well if you want to know more without further
ado I hope you guys like this tutorial and yeah I want to wish you a lovely day
and keep drawing and never give up bye

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