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How I draw hair with Wacom Cintiq 16

How I draw hair with Wacom Cintiq 16

Hey guys, let’s draw hair today when you draw hair you don’t need to draw every single hair you can draw them in a total mass and outline only a few strands But in this video I will show you how to draw a strand of hair in a realistic way You may stop it any stage Everything depends on your patience. To start with, I select a mid-tone from the palette and fill the area. I I add dark and light strands and then blur them slightly. You can use a smudge tool or the Gaussian blur filter – to blur Then I add some random hairs out of the mass Now we add some darker hair and a bit of blur. You may repeat this stage several times When I draw the hair I don’t use a special brushes I prefer to work with the simple hard and soft brushes only I make the dark areas even darker to convey the total volume and again I use a smudge tool This tool makes the hair slightly blurry and softer and I really like this effect To learn drawing the hair, you will need a time and practice to learn how to draw straight lines, light, volume, contrast Try to use more photo references for your work and please, don’t worry if you can’t draw it as good as you want You will be better and better with your practice, I promise you! Now add some light strokes to show the light areas I use a hard transparent brush and then erase the borders with a soft wide eraser. I use the small brush to make little strands clearer and smooth them with the Smudge tool Then I add some contrasting dark strokes when you are drawing hair It’s important not to forget about the contrast so that the hair doesn’t look flat Now I want to emphasize the light area even more I add some light strokes again and Erase the borders with a soft eraser I add a few stray hairs and refine the shape making it smoother. Then I draw small details To make the hair even softer and natural-looking I’ll copy the layer with the higher and use a Motion blur filter in the lower layer Then I slightly removed outer edges of the upper layer I use a soft eraser for this so the hair borders look softer and as a motion I have decided to add a little more contrast to the hair. To do this I have copied them and put the upper layer in the Multiply mode I slightly go over the light areas with a wide soft eraser increasing the volume On a new layer I add very thin contrasting hairs and also areas borders with a soft eraser Little more light and the final finishing touches Thank you so much for your patience guys. Good luck!

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  1. Спасибо большое за такой крутой туториал! А ваши работы просто 😍

  2. Отличный и очень полезный урок! Реализм в диджитал решила не использовать пока что, но блин, все же он в этой сфере рисования выходит особенно крутым👍 Эту прядь хочется прямо потрогать😍 Спасибо за урок, Лера!

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