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  1. It needs cheese in the actual recipe! I’d add shredded cheese in between each layer, or maybe add cheese nuggets to the cornbread.

  2. Ok but why isn’t anyone talking about how when the mustard squirted out a little bit Josh goes, “uh oh a bit premature” 😂😂😂😂

  3. I just found this channel and seeing Fish sauce and chocolate and stating pablano/pasilla peppers over bell peppers. You are now on my legit Youtube chef list and will be followed.

  4. If this dish doesn't make it's way into a part of the Sonic media franchise in my lifetime, then what's even the point of living?

  5. Lol I loved how Josh yelled at the oven timer and Kevin’s review of the cake I thought it looked interesting and I wanna make it 🤔

  6. I bought that brand of charizo once. Got it home and only then did I look at the ingrediants. I dumped it down the disposal. It might have tasted great for all I know. But I couldn't force myself to eat lymph nodes and salivary glands. No thanks.

  7. That looks like something a 90s mom would make. Just throw everything in the fridge into a pot or backing dish and cook away. Never turns out that great but you just eat it a smile

  8. can i just say, this channel is the best addition to my life. i'm so entertained weekly!! and josh is iconic

  9. Made it, the recipe is legit. The chilie is fantastic but ended up a bit on the mild side. Thanks y'all, love the show!

  10. Does anyone else appreciate Josh beyond reason “SHUT UP” upside down “OH WOW LOOK AT THAT CAKE” amongst other I just…. Josh God

  11. Josh is the Adam Savage of the culinary world; competent, creative, a little manic, and comically scary.

  12. Is there any chance you can make healthy natural food crazy/unique concoctions? I’d love to see you work w some greens?

  13. aw, I wish you kept trying until you found someone that liked it. Now it just seems like you're weird for liking it, and I don't believe that's true. Although you are weird in general.

  14. Call me boring, but I want to try the chili and cornbread recipes separately. Anybody know how long each should be cooked individually?

  15. Add cinnamon!!!!!!!! Too many exclamation points. Anyway, cinnamon + tomato stuff + ground beefs is always good.

  16. Josh in the kitchen reminds me of when im having my mommy breakdown moments randomly yelling shut up and the one extra sound coming from the roar of your everyday home life lmao

  17. That is the most beautiful looking cake that I have ever seen! I think Kevin is holding a secret grudge!

  18. Does anyone else come here just to stare at Josh's arms the whole time? Because that's 75% of the reason I'm here

  19. This episode just reminded me of one time when Ro was doing a nerdy nummies and messed something up, quickly following it up by saying "See, this is how you can tell I'm a self taught baker!". Now I wanna see Ro and Josh do a video together.

  20. Nicole and Stevie should be the ones to always try the food creations! That way you have two tasters!

  21. I was really getting into the chili hotdog cornbread cake thing…Sounded like a great idea. But then…you added beans…No !!

  22. My kids and I watch your show… my question is… where did u learn to cook? I'm impressed that you use full/bold flavors and that's not common of young white american guys. Kudos .

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