now over in Hong Kong hundreds of office
workers in Hong Kong’s business district rallied Monday for the first in a week
of lunchtime pro-democracy protests now China also says it’s suspending US Navy
visit to Hong Kong in retaliation for the passage of legislation supporting
human rights on the island Eason ji has more the protests Rumble on
in Hong Kong this time hundreds of office workers in the central business
district gathered on Monday for the start of a week-long series of lunchtime
protests back in the pro-democracy movement after its resounding victory in
district polls last month despite violent clashes with police on Sunday
there was no such confrontations during the two-hour long rally as people went
back to their offices after a demonstration of solidarity with the
protesters Monday’s rallies seemed to be aimed specifically at bringing in more
office workers from advertising agencies in a bid to build publicity some of the
workers in the field say they’re trying to be the first industry to come out and
stop working for five days they say they will stop working for companies and
instead used her talents to advertise for the movement designing posters and
leaflets meanwhile China on Monday said it would suspend US Navy visits to Hong
Kong and sanctioning number of pro-democracy nongovernmental
organizations amid the human rights legislation which was passed last week
by the US China’s foreign ministry spokesman hua chunying called on
Washington to correct their mistakes and stop interfering in Hong Kong and
Chinese internal affairs China urges the u.s. to correct their mistakes stop
words and deeds to interfere in Hong Kong affairs and other Chinese internal
affairs China will take further necessary moves in accordance with the
development of the situation and will firmly protect the prosperity and
stability of Hong Kong as well as China’s sovereignty security and
development interests watchers say Washington’s support of Hong Kong may
ultimately affect the ongoing trade talks between the US and China
and may lead to further tensions between the world’s two biggest economies Eason
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