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Hi everyone its Caleb Coles here an
Australian singer-songwriter. Well today I’m going to be reacting to Dimash
singing Hello. I’ve been looking forward to getting to the post singer episodes.
So we’re about to get started, just a quick thing; if you want to click
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so excited to get into these Dimash reactions let’s get started. I love that flute. I love that arrangement Yeah wonderful so he’s starting in that
low tone. I do know the original version of hello and this appears to be a year on
at The Singer 2018 so it’s like his homecoming. He’s come back to the place
where he he first rose to that level of of stardom and he’s singing this song
which is kind of cool. He’s doing that beautiful thing where where he’s in
that for most people to be a mid range but for him it’s low considering the
size of his range and he’s got that beautiful centered tone. That little
wobble he does with his voice and then on some of those low notes he was vocal
frying into it (sings) (Hello)
Then he’s keeping it very small and he’s resonating it, kind of just behind the
nose here at the top of the mouth in that little space which
gives it that soft wobbly sound. Really really beautiful and again stripped-back
arrangement piano flute. Really really cool. Okay I’ll try not to stop it too
much let’s watch Up the octave now Yeah that was beautiful.
He did so many cool things there. I loved how he said that word hello and then
there was the the echo, it was almost like hello hello hello and no one
responds. It’s that eerie, beautiful sound. And the tone of his voice was beautiful he was
doing that thing he does where he is leaning in and leaning back going almost back to
her head voice but it was a mixed voice but just on the edge there and other
times pulling it back out. Yeah wonderful. Let’s keep watching It’s Hua Chenyu that flute’s awesome wow that was that was really something
else okay we’ve got to go back over this and
analyze some of that. Let’s keep going on this journey- that was insane that was so
good and it wasn’t just cuz of the notes he hit because I know Dimash has a
great range, but it was the tone. It was, yes, the runs and that were phenomenal,
but I already knew Dimush could do that. I already knew he had a amazing
agility, but he’s showing a side to his tone that I have not heard before.
He’s showing an ability that was really quite phenomenal let’s listen to
what I’m talking about. Just in that line he’s not going (sings)
‘oo’ is a very closed vowel which means it is one you generally is when you go in
to a head voice and ‘oohh’ is something you use to carry more weight. I’ll give
you an example. (sings) See there’s no tension here but it
sounds like (there is) but I’m actually not and it’s because I’m using an ‘Oohh’ vowel. if I
want to do something more pure I’ll do (sings) ‘oo’ vowel but the thing is then it
goes into head voice but he’s doing an ‘oo’ vowel in a mix voice which is very very
very very very difficult, now I can do it but it’s not my preferred thing, right?
And he, for him, it’s just beautiful. You see that those runs they’re very
very non-western. I don’t even know what what country would say that’s from,
whether that’s a Kazakh influence from his upbringing that he’s
bringing into this song or whether it’s from a different part of the world, but
it’s really really really cool I love it. Okay okay one of the things that’s the
most crazy about that section is he goes up to that high note (wait I got my) okay
so it’s an A, I felt like it was around there so it’s an A, which is a high
note right but he doesn’t just hit an A. He then afterwards does a crazy run and
then has enough perfect breath support he hasn’t let his breath go so that he
can then belt that D, and if you heard that D that was a perfectly open
powerful thing. And to go from a very high note and then to thicken your voice
up on the way down is very difficult. It’s easier to thin it up on the way
back but to thicken it on the way back down, particularly when you’ve held
your your note for that long and all those things, requires incredible
coordination, incredible breath control, all the rest. And it was it was just done
perfectly. I love the arrangement of this song, I loved the way that it started
with him soft centered in the middle and then he went up the octave and ‘Hello’, you
know the echo, and then it built up and then all of a sudden it stops and he
does this crazy run. And then then that ending and he held that really
powerful kind of note to end it off and once again Dimash ends up back on his
knees which seems to be a thing he enjoys doing. Yeah, phenomenal this so far
is probably the favourite my favourite Dimash song that I’ve heard. His tone
had such a power and purity to it that I hadn’t heard in the earlier singer
series and I haven’t heard in any of his performances yet so absolutely wonderful.
Can’t wait to see more thanks for watching guys if you enjoyed this video or
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