Hedge fund forced Cabela’s merger, decimated jobs in Sidney, Nebraska

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  1. hedge fund:
    a limited partnership of investors that uses high risk methods, such as investing with borrowed money, in hopes of realizing large capital gains. Sounds risky and close to fraud…

  2. Starting to look like Afghanistan and the other third world countries who f the people and lavish the communist dictators.

  3. There are exactly two wealthy Americans looking out for average Americans today, Tucker Carlson and Donald Trump. Thanks Tucker.

    BTW Ben Sasse is a Republican, previously a never-Trumper and now a reluctant Trump supporter. The Republican Party is largely just a less crazy, less insane version of the Democrat Party, every bit as devoted to servicing the elite.

  4. Evan as a resident of Springfield MO, I detest Bass Pro and will not give them business. DO NOT assume they have no role in this.

  5. The reason why the new "Elites" don't care about the well being of true Americans, European Americans; it is because those Elites are no longer White European, like in the past, but they are from certain Ethno-Religious group from the middle east which hate us all and what we have built.


  7. Companies these days do not seem to care as much for either their workers or their customers as they do for pleasing their stockholders. Anyone old enough to remember how business used to be in the 20th Century may remember when "The customer is always right." Compare that with how most businesses thumb their noses at their customers. AND their workers. Stockholder owned businesses are hurting us all in order to make their big shots rich.

  8. There you go paided off to shut up💯. that's what is happeneding to United States of America with all these crooked politicians. How about that Joe Biden??? This to speaking to the house. how much are they you to lie & scandalously try to remove our sitting President??? Oh how I wish housing United I wish that the United States had balls enough to prosecute these criminals in our government in the house under the crooked Nancy pelosi, Adam Schiff , Joe Biden , Chuck Schumer, George Soros, Congress & the Senate. In Jesus name let all the secret corruption be reveal & the world see & hear the truth.

  9. Look that's a tragedy but any place depending on a single company are doomed. As for Singer he's not doing anything illegal according to the law.

  10. Anti-trust laws were gutted by Presidents Reagan and Clinton…both the Right and Left. We need strong anti-trust laws to protect competition in capitalism. Mega-corporations act to restrain trade, reduce wages, and eliminate competition.

  11. Tucker Carlson! Wish i had the words to write about your courage! We the people need your truth! Thank you most sincerely. C. J. And Ruthie B. Merry Christmas to you and yours. MAGA 2020

  12. May You & Yours have a Merry Christmas this year full of Hope & Cheer… Before ringing in a Bright New Year rife with Blessings of Health & Prosperity that I pray GOD shines down upon ALL within the USA… & any ally that supports its BACK!

  13. Wow Nebraska the richest corrupt the people heart and their own tiny living instead of improvement poor life you came and corrupt them enjoy your money .

  14. Kentucky and tenn have also been decimated by Obama era policies they are all working retail or welfare after manufacturing left for other countries

  15. Greed, greed, greed……destruction of the middle class. Well he can not take that money with him and he will pay for what he has done in the end.

  16. I live 50 miles from Sidney and many that fish and hunt around the Lake McConaughy area relied on Cabela's for their fishing and hunting needs. So incredibly sad what has happen to this rural Nebraska town. So many jobs lost. Greed is a horrible thing. On a positive note, I can't wait to vote Sasse out of office! Such a disappointment!

  17. The important thing it seems is that people like Mr Singer become wealthy irregardless of the cost. This has gone on for hundreds of years.

  18. I'll bet 95% of all hedge fund managers are Republicans. Democrats have been warning us of this behavior for years. Quit your whining.

  19. Tucker better start looking for another Job, his days as news anchor are numbered. You can't continue to expose the powers that be this way without paying a price, just ask Bill O'Reilly

  20. The libertarian-type of Republicanism is over (Singer, Koch Bros./ and Israel-First neocons). Tucker represents the growing America/Americans First Republican movement, where not everything is about money.

  21. Singer is in the same business as Soros. To stop Soros in there needs to be an end to the dual citizenship law in America.

  22. Shameful! I love Cabela's and have been a loyal mail order, then online, and then in-store customer since the late 80's. never understood the merger until now. Self interest like this not does Keep America Great Again! Closing down businesses & selling out out American jobs overseas is not nation building. Who/What's next?

  23. Make it illegal for companies or groups to buy other companies. Only human individuals should be allowed to buy companies.

  24. Wow!!!!!
    How do you still have a job!
    Speaking real revealing truth like that to real power – on mainstream media! That's courage and conviction!

    Tucker, if you ever lose your MSM position, I (and I'm guessing many many others) will support you on your own independent channel (YouTube, Bitchute…)

    Thank you for what you are doing.

  25. Carl Ichan did this to TWA – he purchased the company – sold off the equipment to himself – then rented them back to TWA. He also raided the pension funds. I am now collecting pennies on the dollar. I receive 270.00 a month instead of the 1,000.00 month after 25 years of service. The failed pension fund was taken over by the government. He started a ticket selling company and started selling tickets lower than TWA on TWA flight. People started losing their jobs and committing suicide. Carl Ichan is a billionaire now.
    The flight attendants wanted to collect foreign change from returning USA touristers flying back to the states. They wanted to collect the change for the Women's Abuse Center in NYC. Carl Ichan said ONLY if he received a portion of the collection

  26. Tucker, great story. But, it's not gonna fix anything unless we know who is responsible. And I'm not talking about that snake Singer.
    We need to know who is working with Singer. Who are the politicians? Ben Sass. Yeah got it. Hey Nebraska! Y'all need to primary that punk. Who else Tucker? NAME THEM….ALL OF THEM. I am willing to bet these are the same republicans not supporting Trump. THEY HAVE TO GO!!! ALL OF THEM!!
    ……NAME THEM!!

  27. First thing came to my mind after watching this segment: Paul Singer is a perfect example of why people hate us Republicans….second thing: how and why is Paul Singer still being allowed to draw breath, let alone do this to his fellow American's?!

  28. This is what 60 minutes used to expose. Even though it's being reported the real value is the exposure. The Senate Republicans need to cut ties to the person and the PAC….. today!

  29. Northwell Health a Jewish organization opening up hospitals on every corner in every neighborhood in New York a little fishy huh. People need to start paying attention

  30. Are you kidding me. Anybody that is already wealthy such as people like singer I criticize to the fullest extent. That type of greedy mentality does not belong in a civilized society. He knew he was profiting from the suffering of others. And I criticize all who would take steps to do the same. And for all those people that suffered at his hand weep for him because he will paymore than tenfold of the abuse that he give to others in this life.

  31. This is what the elites want for rural America. And now we all know how much the coasts and DC actually hate the rest of us

  32. We were expecting a Cabelas and instead we are getting a super walmart. No one knew why, and so this must be why

  33. I have family there and it was devastating …. but i asked them ..where are your SENATORS ? I know of one that was paid to be quit…

  34. Tucker's, and a few others, are the only shows that I pick up my mouse to click 'OPEN'. As for the rest of the shows on MSM. I pick up my mouse to click NOT INTERESTED – the garbage goes to the Trash Folder.

  35. If I could build a factory there to give these wonderful people well-paying jobs, I would. If only I were rich. I love small towns! I don’t want them to be relics of the past. I don’t want to see my fellow Americans feel like they’re forced to move to the cities and away from the small town.

  36. Hostile "mergers"/takeovers should be banned by law, and guilty ones should get long prison time.

    That is (supposed to be) the job of our members of Congress…… Well, they don't have time for something like that as they are busy doing "more important" job of trying to impeach the President

  37. To anyone thinking the problem is the system: many of your concerns are legitimate, but even if you completely restructured the the financial system, you'd still have people like Singer there to exploit any possible loophole, and they are not just doing these things because they are "greedy," but because they hate us and want us to be broken, enslaved, and ultimately destroyed.

    The Paul Singers of the world, and the Jeffrey Epsteins, and the Diane Feinsteins and so on will continue to serve as a hostile and subversive force until we have the courage to acknowledge who and what they are and why they do what they do.

  38. “Desiccated” communities, yes, dried like coconut. That’s climate change for you. Used to be decimated, now it’s worse.

  39. Are you kidding me??? Those very people you mention, The Rothchilds, Fords, etc. are the very ones in charge of our destruction!!! I'm surprised you're not aware of this. I know you know better!!!!!

  40. And this is precisely where we need to consider a constitutional change. Let it be said no person removed from the consequences of their actions be allowed their actions. Let no representative of the people represent without consequence. Restructure this republic to ensure every single individual owns their decisions. THAT is where progressives and conservatives should be.

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