Hamada Washi, a 150-year tradition of Japanese paper making

In order to set my rhythm at the start of the day, I check the level until where I’ll let the water flow,
or the density of the paste. After the first five to ten sheets, I stop thinking. I just make paper. What will I do next, what approach will I take
for next step of the process, I don’t ask myself
those questions when making paper. I just think of other things. The hard part of the training is the long time
you have to spend alone. It makes you think a lot. At the time, the mind and body
wouldn’t keep up, or wouldn’t work as expected. It’s not something where
you ask your teacher, listen, then act. It’s a lot of observing,
but rather than copying, it’s about absorbing it in your own way. My heart wasn’t all into it at first. I started creating these 15 years
after making my first sheet, before that I had only made one single type of paper. He has this sensitivity,
something that goes beyond technique. I am more of a craftsman,
working on repetitive tasks. By balancing the two,
we are able to create new things, I guess that’s our relationship.

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  2. Really enjoyed the level of editing. The sounds, composition and overall color palette really hooked me right from the start. Thank you for posting this.

  3. I wish you made an interview to Kentaro Miura. I've been since day two or three with this channel and it became a part of my tastes in music and manga, thank you for the hardwork put into making this so elegant and respectful. In another dimension where we categorize channels with the same words for other mediums like anime i would say this channel is 'slice of life' haha

  4. Your video always manage to make my cry. Also thanks for crediting the musician, your music choice is always on point and i was sad to not find some of the tracks in the other clips

  5. This paper must be expensive, what are some of its uses?
    Edit: nevermind, description: "… its uses in calligraphy or art, Tengujo paper was also used in order to restore precious works of art, including the Vatican's Sistine Chape"

  6. I want to see more of this! I didn't know about the Hamada brothers and the art of paper making and now I want to know more. I'd be awesome to see more! Nevertheless, amazing video as always! Keep it up <3

  7. There is a series on Netflix called Japanese Style Originator that shows amongst other things the traditional crafts of Japan. I loved it and I love this video! Keep it up!

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