Gym Employees Play Never Have I Ever

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  1. Bahaha! Used to work at the Y. Definitely said yes to a few of these unfortunately. Why do people want to talk while naked? And why do people poop in the sauna or the pool? Don't know.

  2. At the beginning of the year, the gym is like Black Friday for 3 weeks straight.

    Never have I ever wanted to sanitize myself before and after more so when going to the gym this time of year. This is so true!

  3. After seeing the plethora of videos on tumblr and Twitter, I can assure you that any gym with gay clientele has had sex performed on every surface in that gym.

  4. I want you to answer my question which should have been number one question asked and be honest. HAVE YOU EVER MADE FUN OF SOMEONE OR JOKED WITH A CO-WORKER ABOUT SOMEONE WHO WAS WORKING OUT?

  5. I worked at a gym (it is closed down now) and many of these questions are funny and also been in some of those situations and had to call the Police because of a mentally ill person because he stole the phone of the 15 year old who did his summer job there, and a lot of other things happened there because it was a industry area close to it, and me and another guy was basicly the gym security too 😂😅

  6. I miss working at a gym. I worked at one that was open 24hrs. I worked the morning shift so I never got the crazy stories but everytime I clocked in the overnight shift would tell me all kinds of crazy stories that happened. Everything happened at night: sex, feces, cops, etc.

  7. These people make me happy with my decision of staying AWAY from the bathroom/ LOCKER ROOM everytime I go to the gym…… And I'm a girl

  8. editor turn that music down good lawd. had to turn my system down to half for the intro and outro. chill:P

  9. The guy and girl sitting together look like they would click if they are single, they’re soo smiley❤️🥺 I literally ship everyone🤣😅

  10. So they can say normal stuff about white people but black peoples they have to say “black siblings” the heck buzzfeed? Your so racist lmao

  11. Bro what type of gyms they have in america?! Sauna's, massage room, basketball court?! Gyms out here are literally just fitness and weightlift equipment and maybe some boxing classes or group sessions

  12. I dont think that guy who works at his crossfit box counts as a gym employee. The boxes are pretty different from gyms.

  13. I work at a gym and I just let the disabled people through the gate no question or its awkward because they have to crawl under the card swipe gate

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