Goku Black spray paint art

okay so my friends let's make it this time we're gonna make cuckoo cuckoo goo- I must have picked up yet this is way no way no let's make it right now I'm gonna set it up so well I did all this with the stress of my friend so I will show you look at this is what I just did is to look at a cavity of a I said yeah you got it because I got it okay gotta go get those this your next obispo that's how our is momento the Canadian folder so now it's the moment to make the background my friends so let's make it perfecto okay we go so then we need cheap grace please so now let's paint the face Ollis can also be done in a hat let's check it out sleep time settle Wow maybe that I think it's just amazing yeah let's but it also was enough in other fun events in my perfect so my friends just make it easy like this earrings this one is just damn they must let me novel alright low important a yes that oh let's take it off it's very easy if you are looking to learn how to make these chicks check this out Wow Wow okay so let's make it just put it over shut up we're gonna see you back install the back so stay there alright this is metallic bag is this one negative metallic oh look it just to make it a little just right here expand please stop what's up and I'll go get star said fast it but then I shall go pass out battery so whoever I can take a punch of Muscovy that okay [Applause] are you ready because I'm just ready yeah okay so now it's ready let's put it over something heavy just put it over let's take it let's let's take it off Oh fine okay so just past five minutes my friend and now let's make it again come on Emma gasps is it go Ruthie vamos a pintar and that is a let's make it the earring [Applause] yeah I mean a most poor thing and that was number six the middle face fine okay so now my friends let's make number seven numero siete okay so let's make it shadows the face it just looks amazing look at it look it look it more friend okay maybe that minute okay are you ready because now this is the last stage of my friend I mean the last because we just finished we go Elfi Network against the rules enter me now it's office let's make the eye perfect so now [Applause] let's see what happen my rounds now it looks just like the fire just put it over so hopefully not in cement but no directo porque lo a knock came at you will burn if you put it right there just over okay you got it so let's practice also again I don't want to scare them it also protects guys okay so now let's make the earring let's make with this brush with the spray can and let's put this over let's put most of this another leniency some people have been to that loss serious and repelling in a business I also have Allah Quinzel Islam is my spray paint Islam is something Laura so this same pain my friends spray paint and I'm an acrylic okay remember just put it on a paper and then let's do it with a brush like that practice okay try again in a game to make it easy es es acerca de bez practicar mucho y hace poco Paquito ver que Dondo las líneas Mira Wow say where fascist the residency you're simply like this so yeah let's keep making more lines and more in more and more and more mama is a chemical energy and mass Mira Ozzy d'etre sito's porpora sito's do a little bit away know is the person sometimes it doesn't happen is that the hair I went but it's okay don't worry relax fire let's make it yeah again otra vez para pasar Mose yo Travis hasta que que de VM FINA hasta que que the viewmarq al okay my Frank perfect it's every moment every second every year and every okay so now we just paint the background oh let's retouch this with black and gray d para descubrir lo and then we can cover it with Akane music responder Wow let's get dry also have a second let's put this over I'm super nervous to see Matt yeah so now he's dry of course we need to put something over for supposed o que necesitamos algo para que no se go somewhere okay okay it looks perfect Oh perfecto Mira Wow okay so now let's make another [Applause] let's leave with five minutes so let's put this over most when I go NC man and then of course something handy and this perfect from the top perfect let's make it this easy okay [Applause] [Applause] now it's time to paint some detail I wish [Applause] yeah Oh yeah I think looks just perfect sup bro bro bro bro relics bro Wow yeah [Applause] so let's see what happened let's see what happened my friends okay it ready up there oh my god this ah perfecto I think it looks just perfect you know people in serum okay let's put right in let's see what happened right here oh it's a break right here you ready are you ready are you ready are you ready because I'm ready Oh so back next when oh wait dark that's what some bright to a little bit far away Oh God look at this I think it's just beautiful is it up there look at this like this you know connects come upon an algo como esto me on this this is what with it to put over look it yeah they women they make again I can go to arrest you know this bedroom yes it fell off the back of the I'm perfect oh sorry I forgot perfect answer well swim with him let's sit right here oh come on Kenny screw it let's make one more what I got me that well and I think that's just perfect oh let's put something like that some stars ride him easy tick no better see me Ella so you have up there perfect look at all my learn just fantastic I'm done you know yeah it was gonna be nada let's see oh my oh my oh my god oh oh oh oh so my friends I think I'm done and of course so of course I will sign it right here for what every man okay sports video in Venus 2019 look at this perfect something like this yeah perfect okay my friends thank you very much papi enjoy it smelling this without a much tell me my love cuckoo black black goku naked Oh cuckoo okay so now we just done thank you gracias

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  1. Awesome paint bro!…. venga mas videos!!…🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥


  3. Hay veces…. que este tipo con esa tasa le echa algo de té de peyote…. y hace sus viajes espirituales con los videos

  4. ¿Por qué usted no hace un stencil de Shenlong?

    ¡Creo que será algo interesante y genial de hacer/traer a nosotros!

  5. استغفرالله ذولا ولا خلو شي لنا نبدع فيه

    ماشاءالله عليهم

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