First Time Hearing TNT Boys – Singer Songwriter Reacts (Flashlight)

Hi everyone my name is Caleb Coles. I’m
an Australian singer-songwriter. Today I’m going to be reacting to the
TNT boys singing flashlight. Now I’ve had requests to do the TNT boys really since
my first Dimash reaction so all the way at the start of these reaction videos. So
I’m looking forward to hearing what they’re about. Like every first time
reaction I do I haven’t done any research on these guys so I can be
genuinely surprised about what I see. I also thought I’d let you know that I’m
gonna start to do a little bit more of a regular upload schedule so I’m going to
start uploading videos on Thursdays and Sundays so you’ll always have videos on
those days, as well as the occasional bonus just chucked in at any time during
the week; so two to three videos a week. Always on a Thursday and a Sunday
there’ll be a video. So anyway I’ve spoken enough let’s get into this
reaction. Yeah okay I had no idea that they were
so young, they are really young I would guess around 10 maybe 11 years old
somewhere in that vicinity. And you know straight off the bat they are
really really great singers. I mean they’ve each got their own kind of color
and tone but you can also hear the accuracy of their pitch. You know to
stand there in a studio kind of environment where you’ve got condenser
microphones, similar to the type I use here; you’ve got headphones on. The
sound you’re hearing is quite unnatural which is fine if it’s just you singing
but, you’re trying to sing along with two or three other people and hearing
yourself in your ears like that you’re in the stark environment. You know as a
professional you’ve done it for lots of years that’s fine
but they’re very young so to be able to not only have the confidence but to be
able to sing so well in that kind of an environment; you’ve got cameras on you
that microphones, it takes a lot of getting used to. At least it’s
taken me a lot of getting used to singing with microphones and headsets
and all that and again for them to be able to harmonize with one another and
sound so good in that environment and to be still smiling and enjoying that
moment, that’s really really impressive. Let’s keep watching. A few pitch-y moment but still very good Yeah that is so impressive. I mean
they’re tone; you you heard the guy on the left crack into a bit of a head
voice sound and different tones. And so many runs there’s so much to absorb, but
what I like is that there’s not auto-tune on this and it’s so often you
hear these vocal groups and they’re just covered in auto-tune and you can’t even
tell if it’s really live; it probably isn’t but even if it is it’s been so
heavily produced after it’s been recorded that you can’t tell what it
would have sounded like. I can hear their pitchy-ness I can hear that they’re not
always perfectly on but it’s still very very good, and to me that just shows how
talented they are that they sound this good without auto-tune too which is fantastic.
Everyone no matter how good you are has little pitchy kind of inflections in
your voice, right? I mean that’s just the way the voice is. And I like hearing that
natural variation in pitch when you sing it adds character and they are very
obviously singing live in this it’s not all pitch perfect to be honest with you,
but it’s a fantastic performance. Let’s keep watching. Yeah far out, at the end there that that
almost like; they’re very young so I’m not sure a technique it was. Whether it
was like a flageolet for a boy. Like it would be interesting to know what was
going on in the vocal cords in that really high pitch part. It certainly
sounded like a flageolet a kind of whistle range kind of run. That’s what it sounds
like, it’s just interesting to note what’s happening as well in terms of the
physiology what’s happening with their voices; because they’re they’re clearly
young boys so they’re prepubescent. Their voices haven’t broken yet so in a lot of
ways they’re singing in a way that’s similar to say how a female would sing. I
wanted here just again what range some of those notes were in. There was
this section where they all sung the high notes and I want to hear that. Yeah you see you
could hear he’s pitchy there his pitch wasn’t perfect he went off a
little bit. But to just sing with that kind of power and yeah so he’s up around
the A5 yeah really phenomenal. they all take take
goes around that kind of F, G, A region really belting. It takes not only
technique but the amount of confidence to perform like this, they must have put
in a lot of hours of practice. I think back to you know very famous examples
such as the Jackson 5 and other young kind of boy groups. It takes a lot of
work; it takes a lot of hours and hours of training. What you’re seeing is
not just natural talent, there is natural talent here obviously but I couldn’t
even imagine how much training they’ve done to be able to stand there three of
them and perform this song. It really is phenomenal.
Just one final note on this performance is that these guys are going
to have to really watch themselves and be watched by professionals when they
start going through their voice transitions. All their arrangements for
their songs are gonna have to be changed. hopefully they will keep a lot of that
range but they almost certainly won’t, they
will lose a lot of that high range and they’ll gain some low range. So there are
ways to keep a lot of that high range if you do it right during that transitions
but you certainly don’t keep all of it. So that’s going to be a testing time for
these boys who have got such a already polished act and who are already so
talented they’re gonna have to make sure that they don’t over perform and do any
damage. They’re gonna have to work their way through that. Even guys like Michael
Jackson you look at when he released music there was this gap. There was this
time where he was a boy and then a little bit of a gap and then he comes
back. And that’s when he came back through the solo stuff, “don’t stop to get
enough”, he obviously at that point is singing in falsetto, a very different
tone he’s worked on it. He’s come back so that’ll be interesting for these boys to
see how that journey progresses for them. I’m not sure how long ago this clip was
and whether they are teenagers now. Let me know in the comments. Anyway I’ve
spoken for long enough I really hope you’ve enjoyed this reaction I’d like to
hear more and I’d specifically like to hear them when they do start
transitioning their voices and hear how they adapt that’ll be really interesting.
Thanks for watching, if you enjoyed this video make sure to subscribe. My next
ones coming up will will be another Dimash one and I am also going to be
doing Morrisette Amon one. I’m pretty sure my Morissette reaction will be next. So
thanks guys see you in the next video

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  1. Since a lot of people can sing in the Philippines, it's an insult and a taboo to use autotune and/or lipsynch on performances (unless you are NOT a singer). Kids as young as 3 or 4 are used to singing the greatest hits and as result, has this confidence in them. Karaoke/Videoke is integrated on everyday life, too.

  2. i love your reaction to our cutties TNT boys,, i hope you react to there first original song.. TOGETHER WE FLY.. it will brought you to tears🙏💕💕

  3. Mackie Empuerto turned 14 September 8 Keifer Sanchez 14 going on 15 Francis Concepcion JR. 13. They are 11 12 11 in this video. Mackie Empuerto (riffs and runs) Keifer Sanchez (Whistle Prince) Francis Concepcion JR. (soul singer). Now that Mackie and Kiefer are changing voice, Francis Concepcion JR. has taken over the high notes. Keifer Sanchez had trouble trying to whistle while getting whistle voice in check, but now he can whistle again

  4. Their cover of "Million dreams" and "Sa Araw ng Pasko(a Filipino Christmas song) were also amazing!! Please try to react on it. Thankyou!

  5. These 3 are great vocalists individually, little bombers as a group, yes this was 1 of their very first covers 2 yrs ago nw theyre in their early teens & has hit puberty, who juz gt even better now.. theyre competitors of eAch other @ a local singin competition bfore the tnt boys were born,, pls check out their worlds best perf audition sing “ listen” by beyonce see hw mch they have evolved.. thanks

  6. They were 11, 12 and 13 here and so good! Thank you for reacting to them and talking about not only their incredible talent both individually and as a group, but also about how genuine they are and that they never use autotune.
    This was quite a while ago. Francis (in the middle) is now 13, Mackie (to the left) is almost 14 and Keifer (to the right) will be 15 in a couple of months. Mackie's voice has changed so much and it's really deep now, but he hasn't lost any kind of singing ability whatsoever. He sang through his voice changing like a champ and now it's stabilised a lot and he sounds amazing. He is the king of riffs and runs with so much control and versatility. Keifer's voice is changing right now and he is working through it just as well as Mackie did. I'm sure he'll keep his high register/while notes. Francis isn't quite there yet, but his voice has still matured a lot!
    They were 10 (Francis), 11 (Mackie) and 12 (Keifer) when they first together and they were amazing back then, but have also gotten so much better since! I hope you'll do more reactions of these incredible kids 🙂

  7. Hi Caleb!!! Nice seeing u reacting to TNT Boys' flashlight and it's a good thing that this is ur first time, haven't searched or seen any performance yet, because its the most precious reactions I always observe, genuine reactions are the most videos videos i always watch. Thank you for this reaction! And btw that lil guy on the left u were talking to is Mackie Empuerto, our prince of riffs and runs 😊 Hope u could see more of their performances. Realy njoyed watching this ❤

  8. try listening to their voice now … the transition is not much to mention the talent the blend and coordination still holds.. google their latest songs

  9. Welcome to TNT Boys World!!! 😊 Please react to their Worlds Best performances. Thank you for an awesome reaction. Sending love all the way here from the Philippines!♥️🇵🇭

  10. I like your reactions for the tnt boys,the tree boys from Philippines is very famous here…thank You very much

    #Mackies Team Ph

  11. Hi. Can you please react to the TNT Boys’ performance at the US Wish 107.5 Bus. They sang their original song ‘Together We Fly’ live.

  12. reaction please! TNT Boys – Sa Araw Ng Pasko los niños han crecido haha! abrazo desde buenos aires

  13. But they even qualified as the representative of the Philippines in The World's Best and scored the highest points in history. They even sang with Ariana Grande😅 I mean they already performed in the world stage and sang along with many famous professionals in the music industry which other singers didn't even get the opportunity to share the same stage with them.😊

  14. they've been singing for like 4 years that time together and they have been competed to international singing contest like "The world's best "

  15. they've been singing for like 4 years that time together and they have been competed to international singing contest like "The world's best "

  16. In June 2017 these boys joined a singing competition individually (TNT- Tawag ng Tanghalan) & that is how they met. They were among the 5 finalist but none of them won the championship they were accidentally formed when they guested in a TV show "Ganda gabi vice" from then on they guested in all the franchise shows of little big shot U.S., U.K., AUSTRALIA & PHILS., the trio which was just formed won the competition " your face sounds familiar" wherein they were spontaneously assigned randomly a song to imitate from looks to attire to vocal harmonies. They also joined the world's Best, Please react to

  17. I wish there was a device that you put around your neck that would show what actually happens in there when you sing haha

  18. I love your reaction. I would love to hear your reaction to the TNT Boys imitating, Jessie J, Arianna Grande and Mickie Minaj singing Bang Bang. You will laugh but be amazed. Here's the link: BUT before you watch the boys perform watch the original at:

  19. Actually this is one of their videos where their voice changed they use to sound like cute little chipmunks they sound more like teenagers now frances is 13 Mackie just turned 14 and Kiefer is 14 and he’ll be 15 in November

  20. Hi Caleb, thank you for your reaction! TNT boys are amazing! Please also kindly react to FORESTELLA:
    1) Bohemian Rhapsody (search nxUASv1Z2TU)
    2) Speechless in 8 languages (search FEMD9wFuI60)
    3) Angel (search 0DliL9zXN04)
    4) My Favorite Things (search rmUb50nNTx0)

    Thank you once again!

  21. Tysm for reacting to the talented as helll tnt boys!!! Quick question, i’m in year 10 rn & ill be doing music for year 11 & 12. i have no idea what to expect, do you have any tips for me if u did music for your senior years? i’m tryna get a high atar, is music a stressful subject?

  22. Hi Caleb: Read the story behind the TNT boys. You will be doubly impressed. I think here, two are 10 and one 11 One of them is going through puberty now so it is interesting to hear him dealing with his voice. Watch one where they are touring America. Of course they are getting better.

  23. This was recorded in June of 2018, Francis was 11 or 12, Mackie was 12 and Keifer was 13. These boys have so many hits and so many fans. They actually started as competitors in a local singing contest back in early 2017. All three boys placed top 5 out of hundreds of competitors. They were the creme of the crop. Became a group after a guesting on a local TV show and history is being made. Enjoyed your reaction. Thank you for acknowledging all 3 of these wonderful and talented boys. I subscribed. A supporter of #KB

  24. Hi Caleb. Love your reaction. I am a vocal coach, big fan of Dimash, TNT boys and Pentatonix because they are all fantastic vocalists. I am very impressed by the TNT boys talent, training and growth. I think they are surrounded by an excellent team of professionals. Their song arrangements vary and are adapted to their voice changes, all smart and showcase them individually and together. But most of all, you can tell that all these artists are music lovers. Love what you do.

  25. More Filipino singers? Try 4th Impact singing "This Is Me" Believe it or not, this is not even their best performance. Check them out.
    Oh and here is a "different" look at the TNT Boys on a game show called "Your Face Sounds Familiar Kids". (Lady Marmalade), (Too Much Heaven) and (Bang Bang). There are others there also.

  26. The youngest boy on the middle "Francis" is now 13 years old, on the left "Mackie" is 14 years old, and on the right "Kiefer" (who did the high whistle sound) is 15 years old.They all were finalists in "Tawag ng Tanghalan Kids" (singing contest)in 2017.Please give reactions to each of the boys when they were contestants in the singing contest.

  27. Please react to katrina velarde cover of GO THE DISTANCE. And her cover of sonewhere over the rainbow.

  28. Hi sir can you please react to Sarah Geronimo singing I LOVE YOU and STAY WITH ME on Asap natin to this 2019 thanks sir😊🇵🇭

  29. .please more tnt boys reactions 😊 their performance at " The worlds best " and the show " your face sounds familliar " 👌😊

  30. Hi, I am a new subscriber because of Morissette ang the TNT Boys,mthank you for listening to them, more of Morissette and TNT Boys. Auto tune is a No no in the Philippines and of course on 107.5 Wish Bus where u have to sing live!

  31. Pls react to TNT Boys – And I Am Telling You ang Listen on the World’s Best, thank you. I would also recommend TNT Boys – A Million Dreams 2.0 version (with story lines). So inspiring, you will learn how they became a trio, thank you again.

  32. Caleb, you need to see their performances on The World's Best show from the U.S. Even though the show ended in controversy, These young men were flawless. They did a reprise of this song you just did, plus 'Listen', also, 'And I Am Telling You'. I have been following these guys about 2 yrs. and their musical growth is almost exponential. Even if you do not react to them it will feed your soul.
    Oh, the notes that Kiefer hit were called whistle tones. If you've ever listened to Mariah Carey you probably heard them. If you want to listen to another Filipina singer her name is Morissette Amon and if you listen to her sing 'Akin Ka na Lang' you will hear things. Oh and listen until the music stops, the ending is fun.

  33. Caleb, let me tell you something. Fist and foremost, they are from thePhilippines, okay? ALL artists from our country DO NOT use auto tune or lip sync! That’s a big NO NO in the Philippines! You will be laughed at and ridiculed if you use these.

  34. Boys are 13 and 14 voices are changing. They seem to be preforming quite a bit which is worrisome. Just needing time to be boys.
    They are supporting family and ,one boy Mackie, is in solo projects too. Enjoyed your commentary.

  35. Please react to Katrina Velarde singing "Go the distance" on wish bus. She phenomenal in high notes! Thank youuuu! ❤

  36. Love our TnT Boys Philippines
    Mackie- left side (mackie's voice is transitioning) Riffs and Runs
    Francis- the chubby one at the center- soulful, belting
    Keifer- right side- whistle

    Thank you for appreciating their voices😊 New Subs here by the way..

  37. Thanks sooo much for your reaction once again..
    I have a great video which i hope you will find time to watch and react also, thanks

  38. I love them so much. You can directly compare how their voices are changing now with their 2 different Wish Bus performances of their song “Together We Fly.” The videos were released only months apart but the difference is huge.

  39. Hello there, actually all of them can do whistle. Check them on your face sounds familiar. Singing one sweet day by mariah carey,
    Bee gees_too much heaven
    The three tenors
    Bang bang

  40. Hi. A YT sub here.
    This is one of the TNT Boys' performances for ASAP Natin 'To in Rome last Nov 16.

  41. Wow . One of Incredible incredible reaction I ever see in all reactions. Impressive especially how you question the physiological and anatomical aspect of vocal cord of the whistle (hehehe) . I have to subscribe, you got me.

  42. They now have crossed puberty & their voices have started to change. They seemingly disappear during school months & come out again during vacation months. Please react to their live performance on WISHBUS their Original song " Together we fly" ENJOY!

  43. They are teenagers now..they are in mid puperty..francis and keifer are in transition period and mackie 's voice is stable now..they had a concert in riyadh KSA last Friday and you can see in there how they made some them so much.

  44. They are a great artist with angelic voices, i like them, i used to watch them on yt and i am happy listening to them, please also react to this video if you can let see if you will like it

  45. Hey bro., I like the way you give your insight though a bit different with vocal coaches. Kindly react to Angelica Hale's 'Symphony' and to Gary Valenciano's 'Spain'. I look forward to it bro. Thanks in advance. I am your new subscriber though I am not so technical with respect to music, for I prefer a song's message than the musical side of it, but I am always amused to hear a bit of the technical side of music.

  46. That’s Keizer at that time they were 12 13 14. Look at a million dreams and got to be there amazing amazing they have a record together we fly Mackiies voice has already changed as did Keizer Francis has not yet

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